Do Not Return Nosey the Elephant to Allegedly Abusive Owner

Target: Bradley Cross, Lawrence County Commissioner, Alabama

Goal: Do not force elephant sanctuary to return abused elephant to her former owners who allegedly tortured her.

A Lawrence County, Alabama commissioner is supporting efforts to ensure that Nosey, an elephant who gained notoriety in light of her owner’s allegedly abusive behavior, is returned to the life of exploitation she had finally left behind. Nosey’s owner, Hugo Liebel, has been accused with over 200 violations of the Animal Welfare Act, and had kept the pachyderm in chains for over a decade. Demand that Nosey remain in the compassionate care of an elephant sanctuary so that she will never have to endure such misery again.

The case against Liebel is shocking. Mr. Liebel is accused of having denied Nosey proper veterinary care and adequate shelter from the heat, in addition to confining the elephant in chains so tightly that she could barely move. However, none of this appears to have swayed commissioner Bradley Cross’s opinion on the issue of Nosey’s custody. According to Cross, authorities should “give the elephant back to the Liebels and tell them to get the hell out of Dodge.”

With Nosey’s future still hanging in the balance, we must do what we can to help ensure that she will live out the rest of her life free from cruelty and exploitation. Sign this petition to demand that Nosey not be returned to her previous, allegedly abusive owner.


Dear Commissioner Cross,

You have recently stated that you are in favor of returning Nosey the elephant to Hugo Liebel, a man who is accused of over 200 violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Your support of current efforts to appeal a judge’s decision to allow Nosey to remain at an elephant sanctuary may result in the tragic return of this animal to a life of exploitation and degradation.

Nosey suffered for over a decade in chains, oftentimes with no veterinary care, while being forced to stand in sweltering heat without shelter. That this is abysmal treatment should be apparent to anyone, and it must not be tolerated. That is why I demand that you consider the well-being of this innocent creature and withdraw your support for the appeals process.


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Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar

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  1. The only thing more shocking and reprehensible than Mr. Liebel’s criminally abusive treatment of this elephant is Mr. Cross’s indifference to the law and sadistic willingness to condemn the elephant to further abuse at the hands of the criminally abusive Mr. Liebel. I frankly cannot understand Mr. Cross’s refusal to put the law and the humane treatment of animals above Mr. Liebel’s interests, and I would like to see an investigation into any ties between Messrs. Liebel and Cross. Mr. Cross needs to understand that violations of the Animal Welfare Act are very serious, because animal cruelty is a serious crime. Further, Mr. Cross needs to understand that elephants are highly intelligent sentient animals and not mere chattel. They feel pain, have feelings, thoughts and need social lives. No elephant deserves to be chained and tortured for the amusement and profit of individuals like the abusive Mr. Liebel, and Mr. Cross must take into account the welfare of this elephant named Nosey. Such a consideration must result in the humane decision to allow the elephant to stay at the elephant sanctuary and away from the abusive Mr. Liebel.

  2. Elaine Milbourn says:

    Obviously this law man is not fit for purpose. How in God’s name can he consider returning this lovely creature to a life of abuse? He cares nothing for animal suffering so it’s time he was replaced by someone who has more compassion and is not living in the Dark Ages. Shame on you Mr. Cross, please do the decent thing and allow Nosey to stay where she is safe and show the world you are part of a decent civilisation who actually cares.

  3. Kathy Lenehan says:

    Commissioner Cross, I do not understand your interpretation of humanitarianism!Lawmakers are elected to protect the rights and ensure the safety of living things(human and otherwise in your area. DO you have children or grandchildren? If you bring them to a place where Nosey is again being mistreated by her abusive and neglectful owner and your child/grandchild asks you to help the elephant what would you say? Worse yet, if the elephant collapses in front of you will you then realize the consequences you set in place by allowing this monster to horribly abuse a sensitive, intelligent creature? This man doesn’t deserve Nosey!

  4. Commissioner Cross, what is wrong with you?

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