Put an End to Gas Chamber Euthanasia


Target: Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder

Goal: Stop euthanizing dogs and cats by carbon monoxide.

Unbelievably, painful dog and cat euthanization is still commonplace in many counties around the country. There are currently four counties in Michigan that administer poisonous gases to end unclaimed shelter animals’ lives. Despite drafted legislation and a past petition to end this barbarity, death by gas chamber is still legal in Michigan. Humane methods of euthanization are readily available; gas-chamber death should be put to an end in Michigan.

So far, 22 states have made it illegal to murder animals in gas chambers. The Michigan counties of Berrien, Branch, Van Buren and Cass put death-row shelter animals in small hot boxes filled with carbon monoxide to initiate painful, slow death. There are many organizations in Michigan that strive to make lethal injection readily available for kill shelters. Lethal injection is much more humane than carbon monoxide—the injection is painless for the animal and ensures that he or she dies almost instantaneously. Whereas carbon monoxide takes up to 30 minutes to kill the animal victim, forcing it to die a painful, fully-conscious death.

Lawmakers have attempted to make carbon monoxide euthanization illegal in Michigan to no avail. They will not be dissuaded forever, however, and plan on reintroducing the proposed ban again. Until then, and to add momentum to the movement, sign this petition urging Governor Rick Snyder to consider a statewide ban on carbon monoxide euthanization.


Dear Governor Snyder,

Michigan counties Berrien, Branch, Van Buren and Cass all utilize carbon monoxide poisoning for shelter animal euthanization. This means that death-row animals are put in a small hot box, often will several other animals, to slowly die from carbon monoxide poisoning. The animals are conscious for up to 30 minutes, suffocating and slowly losing bodily functions. This is incredibly inhumane and should not be allowed.

Governor Snyder, I urge you to put an end to this barbaric practice and instead advocate lethal injection be used on death-row animals. There are numerous organizations that offer resources to shelters seeking to evolve to lethal injection. Death by lethal injection is quick and painless for the animal victim, making it a much more humane method of ending an animal’s life.

I urge you to support Senators Rick Jones and Rick Bieda; they have previously introduced legislation to ban carbon monoxide euthanization, though the bill did not pass the House. Please start this necessary conversation with your colleagues and put an end to carbon monoxide euthanization once and for all.


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Photo credit: Jocelyn Augustino via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Nena Miller says:

    Stop euthanasia and push your people to spay, neuter, spay, neuter. If the people have the education then you won’t be over burdened with the need to kill animals. But don’t suffocate them please that is so heinous. It breaks my heart to think of them gasping for air as a person watches them die instead of caring for and loving them

  2. Gas chambers are a tragic, murderous way to end a living beings life.
    Euthanasia means peaceful death and mercy killing. It does not apply to the MURDER of healthy animals that need love and good homes.
    Animal welfare has nothing to do with caring for animals. It is arbitrary bizarre rules put in place by people with no feelings or true
    love for animals. End ALL killing in government funded shelters.
    This is shocking and incomprehensible that so many beautiful animals are killed by people they should be able to trust. STOP THIS NOW!!!!

  3. Carol Corrado says:

    These precious, innocent creatures love unconditionally and are loyal to humans; they trust us completely. We are responsible for their well-being. Rather than learn from the cruelty of Hitler, we in the US decided to duplicate his insane legacy; only this time making animals (mainly dogs & cats) victims of an uncaring government and society as a whole. Many of these innocents are homeless (yet not given enough time nor opportunity to find homes); some are sick, although the majority are healthy; some are owner surrender often due to the economic strains in the US causing them to relinquish their 4-legged family member to be murdered. They are placed in cold cages with little human contact or affection. Often they DO know their fate as they see, hear, and smell those that are murdered before them. Humans have become numb to the needs of these living beings whom they are abusing, neglecting, and ultimately murdering. These innocents did not ask to be born — it is human responsibility to spay/neuter. This should be law in this country with hefty fines for those who do not. Breeding should not be allowed because our shelters are full (often with pure breeds). If our country chooses to allow breeding, then breeders should be forced to pay an annual fee of $10K+ (with monies going toward the welfare & spay/neuter of homeless dogs/cats) and their facilities should be inspected and maintained with a comfortable, caring and healthful standard providing all animals with shots and physical exams annually at the breeder’s expense. TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) Programs need to be instituted nationally to eventually bring down the homeless pet population. Animals heading to gas chambers (or any form of euthanization) often need to be dragged or carried & fight to get out of the chamber; begging the human that is placing them in the vomit/fece/urine/death smelling container to save them. They are often put in a vicious situation with a multitude of other animals fighting to survive. When the door is closed you hear the cries of these innocents who are confused and terrified as gas is pumped in and clean air is non-existent. Their cries continue as they gasp/choke/vomit/lose control of their organs — until, finally, they are either killed (some within few minutes – others 30+) or forced to endure a 2nd or 3rd round). Finally, ALL ANIMAL GAS CHAMBERS AND HEART STICKS MUST BE DESTROYED AND LAWS NEED TO BE PASSED TO MAKE THE USE OF THESE ILLEGAL with exorbitant fines and jail time to stop humans from being inhumane. Murder is murder; abuse, abuse; torture is torture and murderous — the penalties need to fit the crime and our government needs to take a stand against such intolerable actions against innocent animals. They’ve done nothing but love; yet are punished beyond criminals & murderers. Let’s have a brave, caring, humane government that refuses to tolerate the slaughter and murder of any innocent being; animal or human (especially with tax dollars)!!!

  4. Basta de maltrato, de asesinatos en contra de seres inocentes.

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