Rescue Animals From Abusive Trainer

Target: Xavier Becerra, Attorney General of California

Goal: Demand USDA force abusive former animal trainer to relinquish animals in his care.

Abusive Hollywood animal trainer Sidney Yost is still allowed to keep his animals, despite being fined $30,000 and having his license revoked. For years, Yost had been striking his animals with rocks, depriving them of food, and forcing them to live in filthy conditions while exploiting them for money in popular films such as The Hunger Games and Get Out. But even though he is no longer allowed to train or exhibit his animals, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has yet to take them from him, meaning Yost will still be able to abuse them on his own time.

This is unacceptable and lacking in logic. Yost’s record of animal abuse goes back decades, and yet he is only being disciplined for it now, and he is still allowed to own the horses, lions, wolves, and monkeys he has been exploiting and abusing. In the everyday working world, laws have been changed to prohibit convicted and registered animal abusers from owning animals. Yost should not be an exception to these laws simply because he is a rich Hollywood trainer.

Revoking Yost’s license was the right thing to do, but it was only the first step. The law must also revoke his ownership rights and send these animals to either a refuge or back into the wild. Sign this petition to demand the law finish the job and save these animals.


Dear Attorney General Becerra,

The USDA has revoked animal trainer Sidney Yost’s license after years of abuse were uncovered, but they have yet to take those animals from his custody. For decades, Yost was known to beat his animals with sticks and rocks, starve them, deny them veterinary care, and force them to live in squalid conditions. Allowing him to retain the animals is is illogical and completely unacceptable; just because Yost is no longer allowed to train does not mean he is no longer abusive.

You must finish the job. You and the USDA must revoke Yost’s right to own anymore animals at all, regardless of his status or lack thereof as a trainer. Animal abusers in the everyday world are now forced to register as abusers and are forbidden from owning pets if they are found guilty, and the same rules and law should apply to Hollywood. Rescue these innocent animals and let them live normal, happy lives.


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Photo Credit: Animals Abused and Abandoned on Flickr

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  1. When a child chokes on a small toy, do you tell them “no” and give it back to them?

  2. What is wrong with the law??? Do you realy think these psychos will cease the abuse just because you give them a slap on the wrist??? Get real and get a decent legislation in place to stop these scum!!!!!

  3. You people have shit for brains to give this bastard his animals back after the way he treat them

  4. Again the USDA fails in protecting and removing animals from abusers. Someone needs to teach this man a lesson, once and for all.

  5. Really, he get his animal back…..I know what I would give him if I was in authority……..the same as he did to the animals. He would look like that picture above.

  6. Leaving the animals with that abuser in inexcusable….he will just take out his anger on the animals even more. What is wrong with you? This is not justice in any way. It just makes it all worse! Please get real. Be consistent. This is absolute stupidity.

  7. It is tragic that as our world goes crazy, the ones to suffer are the innocent animals. God bless them and keep them. May all souls reach out to protect the animals from vicious humans.

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