Tell State Officials to Cancel Crow Massacre


Target: Gary Herbert, governor of Utah

Goal: Stop hunters from killing thousands of crows during brutal hunting event

The state of Utah has approved a massive crow hunt in order to curb the rapidly growing crow population, which many farmers blame for crop damage. Most conservationists are skeptical that hunters will adhere to the rules of ethical hunting, most notably that all killed crows must be eaten. With each hunter allowed to kill up to 10 birds a day, it is quite evident that such an event will prove a despicable waste of animal life.

Despite public outcries from animal rights activists around the United States, Utah’s wildlife board voted to instate the annual massacre. During September 2014 and again between December 1st and February 28th of each successive year, thousands of crows will be slaughtered in the name of pest control and “sport hunting.” In addition to the numerous crows that will be executed, conservationists also worry about other darkly colored birds that could potentially become collateral damage. Ravens–which highly resemble crows and are a protected species–could inadvertently be targeted during the poorly regulated event.

Extermination has been proven time and again to be a futile method of bird control. In fact, it has an opposite effect and accelerates bird reproduction due to surpluses in food. Sadly, most institutions are aware of the repercussions and employ this technique anyways. In this particular instance, it seems the massacre is being sanctioned specifically to satiate trigger-happy hunters.

Sign the following petition to demand that Utah cancel crow hunts indefinitely. There are a plethora of nonlethal and effective methods for bird control; killing helpless animals is not one of them.


Dear Governor Herbert,

The state of Utah’s approval of a massive crow hunt is appalling and needlessly barbaric. Operating under the guise of pest control, Utah’s wildlife board has happily sanctioned the slaughter of thousands of crows–a massacre that will not be limited to one occasion, but will take place annually. Not only will such an approach lead to increases in crow numbers; it will result in the countless deaths of innocent animals.

Extermination is a supremely ineffective approach to bird control. By extinguishing a large portion of crows, a food surplus is created that will only accelerate reproduction among the remaining survivors. In addition to exacerbating population concerns, such a hunt may endanger other birds. Ravens, which highly resemble crows and are a protected species, could accidentally be targeted during this highly aggressive event.

The rules of this hunt dictate that each hunter must consume every crow he or she has killed; considering that hunters are allowed to kill up to 10 crows a day for over a month, it becomes painfully obvious that such an event is meant to satisfy trigger-happy hunters more than concerned wildlife officials. Please, cancel this wanton act of animal cruelty and consider other pest control options. Place these animals’ welfare above the trivial desires of simple sport hunters.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: William Troyer, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Rosemary Anderson says:

    These pfficals are vilemorons. Someone should do the same to them

  2. Gina Marchel says:

    Shoot ten of these heartless morons a day , instead of these innocent creatures!!!!!!!!

  3. Where I live, I saw huge amount of crows everyday especially in the evening. The trees are full of crows that the trees in this area turned black. I can see owls normally in pairs in the evening. We love wildlife, at night when the sky turns dark, we can hear coyotes howling, bunnies running around everywhere, quails, roadrunner, and raccoons roam the area. No one ever complain about them, and it is such a wonderful place abundance with wildlife that entire neighborhood cherished, and feel blessed. So I do not understand why the officials or hunters love killing particularly those trophy hunting, it is very sad. There is no need for humans to interfere with animal control population. The prey will take care of them

  4. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    When is the world going to realize that the Animal Kingdom has just as much a right as we humans do to live on this Earth free from cruelty and murder? For the most part, our elected officials opt to cull when humans and animals clash. This is also true for species considered ‘surplus’. There has got to be a better way to deal with these types of situations and those who hold positions that make these decisions need to expend the effort to find it…

  5. Sam Outhorn says:

    And those hunters feel very proud of themselves after so many kills , presumably? – Contraceptives work for pigeons : try the system on crows? After all, it works for humans too, if they bother to apply it. – As to “consuming crows” : that quite simply makes me sick…

  6. A sport is a game, usually of skill, or a bit physical, where opponents agree to participate, follow the same rules, are allowed the same equipment and (unless at the
    college or professional level) show a degree of “sportsmanship”, maybe even camaraderie. This disgusting massacre is sanctioned at the behest of hunters
    who call it a sport. How could any sane person consider this a “sport”, or hunters “sportsmen”. Please don’t give in and proceed with this obscene activity.

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