Save Pets from Animal Control Impersonators


Target: Wichita Police Department Animal Control Lieutenant, Steve Kenney

Goal: Punish two women who are allegedly pretending to be animal control officers and kidnapping animals.

Two mysterious women are allegedly posing as Animal Control officers and attempting to confiscate dogs outside of homes in Wichita, Kansas. This behavior has caused the police to send out a warning to residents in the Wichita area to be on high alert of two women going around taking animals they believe are being neglected.

The case was first brought to light because neighbors reportedly saw the two women removing two dogs from a home and claiming to be with Animal Control. They said that the dogs looked to be underweight so they had to take them. They were driving in a pickup truck with a kennel.

Wichita police warn that every animal control officer will carry along with them a badge attached to their utility belt. Legitimate animal control officers will always have a proper uniform and a state-issued identification card along with a photograph. Plus, Animal Control does not use pickup trucks, they use city vans to get the animals.

The women may think that they are doing a good thing by saving these animals, but they are actually breaking the law and separating people from their beloved pets.

Please sign this petition to support the punishment of these two animal control impostors.


Dear Lieutenant Steve Kenney,

Two women have allegedly been walking around a Wichita, Kansas neighborhood pretending to be animal control to save malnourished animals. They may think that what they are doing is saving animals, but they are actually breaking the law. They do not have the right tools and equipment to help save these animals. They are actually kidnapping these residents’ pets.

If an individual or group desires to save neglected animals, the best thing to do is to call the right people to help. In the past, this type of behavior can turn into a blown out animal-hoarding situation where the animals would be in even more danger than they were originally in. Please be on high alert and find these two women and charge them for reportedly kidnapping these dogs. Make them understand that what they are doing is very illegal. The last thing a group of neglected dogs needs is to be kept in the care of two impostors.


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Photo Credit: Steve-65 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Stan Benton says:

    This is about as sick as it gets. Do you suppose they steal the dogs to kill as training for fighting dogs, or to sell? Guess Animal Control will have to go to uniforms, or at least ids.

  2. Killem

  3. Michael Guest says:

    This should be illegal. Put these persons who are not animal control officers in jail. Pass new strong laws to make sure animals and pets stay protected and ban impostors like these in the future.

  4. Heavier FINES and PENALTIES for ANY unlawful action committed on ANY animal. When will these UNEDUCATED people passing for humans get-the-message????

  5. Julie Dougherty says:

    These women, by your own admission, are taking malnourished and therefore uncared for dogs. Maybe if animal control and the ASPCA did it’s job, these ladies wouldn’t have taken the law into their own hands. I for one, will not be signing this petition. Now if you start one that forced the ASPCA into rescuing neglected animals I’ll be the first to sign.

  6. Tough call on this one!

  7. The owners of these dogs are probably frantic with worry and grief. We do not know what condition these animals were in or the real reason they were kidnapped. If the women were concerned about the dogs welfare they should have gone through proper circles and contacted the authorities. You do not go around kidnapping other people’s children, do you? The same holds true for pets. If you have concern contact the authorities.

  8. For what ever these women are doing It cant be for the good of the pets being taken under falsch pretences now the people of this town know whats going on and these imposters should be jailed for what they are doing.

  9. Our animals MUST be protected by people who care!

    If we don’t protect our animals, who will?

    Our govt., our authorities, MUST reflect the will, the wants and needs, of its citizens!

    Animals are members of the family.

    Animals whether adopted out or not, have rights AND should be considered members of society’s family.

  10. If these women are saving dogs from horrible situations & the dogs are infact starving then GOOD ON THEM!!!! they are doing what the Authorities should be doing more of, Sometimes you gotta do what you have to do to save Animals from pain & suffering. I have many many times in my life & i don’t regret it one bit.
    Criminals that torture Animals get let off most of the time,, so these ANIMAL ANGELS should be let off regardless.

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