Demand Fair Cancel Plans with Cruel Bear Show

Target: Dennis McDermott, Event Services Director of Florida State Fair

Goal: Demand Florida State Fair cancel its plans with Welde’s Big Bear Show.

Welde’s Big Bear Show is a traveling, “educational” show that exploits and profits off of its bears. Forcing these wild animals to perform in loud, crowded areas is incredibly stressful for them and unnecessary.

During Welde’s Big Bear Show, bears are forced to ride scooters, walk on their hind legs, balance on balls, and pull their bodies through hoops. When the animals are not performing, they are allegedly kept in cages with limited time to roam freely and socialize. In the wild, bears travel far distances, build nests, play with friends, and climb. In addition, the training tactics typically used for wild animals involve pain to force these animals to perform. Life for these bears is not a happy one.

Sign this petition and demand Florida State Fair cancel its plans with Welde’s Big Bear Show. It is time to stop supporting the exploitation of these innocent animals.


Dear Mr. McDermott,

The Florida State Fair plans on hosting Welde’s Big Bear Show during the celebrations. The show claims to be education, but in reality the bears are exploited for profit. It is time to stop supporting such a cruel business.

During the show, Welde’s bears are forced to ride scooters, stand on their hind legs, balance on balls, and pull their bodies through hoops. Training for wild animals typically involves pain and fear tactics. When the animals are not performing, they are reportedly kept in cages and have limited time to see their friends and stretch their legs. While trapped in captivity, these bears are denied everything natural to them including climbing, socializing, and roaming large distances.

Please consider no longer hosting Welde’s Big Bear Show at your fair. These animals should be in the wild, not in a crowded, stressful environments being forced to perform ridiculous tricks.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Cliff

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  1. Florida seems to be one of the worst place in the US for animals. Endless story of animal cruelty have recently surfaced.

  2. Is this inbred country? Do you really think people want to see a bear riding a scooter? Unless you’re a moron with an IQ of 3, no one wants to see this!!! Enough already! Humans can perform stupid tricks for humans and leave it at that!

    • Totally agree! Exactly where my thoughts were going. What fucking human in their right mind would want to be amused by an animal doing trick???!!!!!

  3. You ‘people’ are SICK IN THE HEAD! As are all brain-dead tourists who fund you to carry on mercilessly torturing animals for so-called ‘entertainment’ of the heartless human race. I hope you go belly-up in no time flat, for refusing to consciously evolve!

  4. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Why can’t bears just be bears? What the hell is so entertaining about bears riding a scooter. Assholes go out and make a honest living like the rest of the world. Leave bears in the woods were they belong.

  5. Greg Gazzana says:

    Let me guess how this ends.
    Bear gets loose, mauls someone, has to be shot because he was doing what bears do. Tired of this situation… leave animals where they belong!!

  6. Melanie Spell says:

    Come on people!!! A bear riding a scooter?!!! Seriously?? I cannot even imagine the cruel training and abuse that must have taken place and takes place each time they force the bears to do these rediculous stunts! Please cancel this show and send the bears to a Sanctuary where they can and deserve to live happy and peaceful lives! This is absurd! Stop this nonsense!

  7. Florida???? i thought that it was a civilization in that state…. dancing bears? is it a dark medieval time that tortures are still acceptable in Florida?

  8. Victoria Hart says:

    ALL animals — human AND nonhuman — want to love, be loved, enjoy their freedom, & live on their own terms. BE VEGAN & end the part YOU play in upholding “acceptable” violence, animal cruelty, & exploitation inside cultural “norms” of society. Acknowledge the VICTIMS of your non-vegan habits & turn your heart towards justice rather than injustice. It’s not too late to learn compassion & reverence for life.,, &

  9. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Why doesn’t the Florida State Fair get into the 21st Century, and stop promoting animal abuse?

  10. These wild animal shows are a horrendous act of cruelty

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