Save Starving Polar Bears

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Save the rapidly decreasing polar bear population by instating measures that tackle climate change.

Polar bears are sliding towards extinction faster than previously feared as a result of climate change transforming their natural environment into one where the bears struggle to find enough food to sustain themselves. New research reveals that polar bears have far faster metabolisms than previously thought. As a result of the faster metabolism, the bears need a higher daily calorie intake to avoid starvation. Their diet demands more prey, primarily seals, to meet their energy need. With receding sea ice as a result of climate change, the bears are finding it harder to hunt.

The US Geological Survey and UC Santa Cruz studied nine polar bears for a three-year period. The researchers found that polar bears need to consume at least one adult or three juvenile ringed seals every ten days to sustain them. During their observation period, the researchers found that five out of the nine bears were not able to achieve this calorie minimum, resulting in starvation.

The US government has listed polar bears as a threatened species. However, the Trump administration has reversed measures that work to combat climate change. The president himself seems to be unaware of how dire the situation in the Arctic is. In an interview, Trump said that “the ice caps were going to melt, they were going to be gone by now, but now they’re setting records. They’re at record levels.” As of September, Arctic sea ice has receded by approximately 13% per decade since 1979. Sign this petition to urge Donald Trump to instate measures that tackle climate change and protect these threatened animals.


Dear President Trump,

In recent research, it was found that polar bears have a far faster metabolism than previously believed. As a result, polar bears require a higher daily calorie intake. However, with receding Arctic sea ice, the bears are unable to hunt for the seals that they so desperately need. Polar bears are starving and will reach extinction at a rate much faster than previously feared.

In a recent three-year study, the US Geological Survey and UC Santa Cruz found that polar bears need to consume one adult or three juvenile seals every ten days in order to maintain their health. Five out of the nine polar bears that they observed were unable to meet this minimum of survival, effectively proving that the climate change effects on polar ice are devastating the polar bear population.

I urge you to acknowledge climate change and its devastating effects on species like polar bears. Instate measures that tackle climate change before it is too late.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gerard Van der Leun

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  1. We are destroying everything that comes in contact like us, like some kind of virus that just keeps on multiplying, one day, the host will die and so will we. We need to do better to take care of the planet that has been given to us and all the creatures living in it.

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:



  4. Kathy Lenehan says:

    Just because something isn’t happening in our country doesn’t mean we bear no responsibility to help correct the problem. Mr. Trump doesn’t seems to be misinformed about the polar ice and how quickly it is melting, as well as its repercussions. I am ashamed that my country appears to the rest of the world to not wanting to work with other countries regarding this issue.

  5. Put Trump on a melting ice floe and see how well HE does.
    Polar bears are ALSO starving due to the mass SEAL HUNT in Canada (diminishing one of the largest sources of food for these bears), which PM Trudeau is still insisting on upholding, DESPITE the majority of Canadians opposing it.
    These so-called “leaders” of nations are doing more to destroy our world than should EVER have been, or be, allowed.

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