Protect Whales and Sharks from Plastic Pollution

Target: Jim Kurth, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Stop plastic pollution from endangering whale and shark populations.

Plastic pollution is threatening the lives of sharks and whales. Microscopic pieces of plastic are filtered into the oceans every day, swallowed by sharks and whales as they feed, and while they may not do as much immediate damage as larger plastics, they are slowly killing these animals. These tiny pieces of plastic mold to the animals’ insides, preventing their bodies from absorbing vital nutrients.

This slow poisoning could completely decimate the baleen whale and basking shark species as their bodies are starved for nutrients, their systems slowly clogged by indigestible plastic. This is not a good thing, as both species are in enough peril due to environmental factors and human carelessness already. Plastic is hailed as one of Earth’s most innovative materials, but it is one of the worst for the environment as it takes hundreds of years to biodegrade. Animals who swallow plastic are doomed to deaths by choking or toxicity.

The oceans need to remain clean and clear of plastic to protect all marine wildlife. Sign this petition to protect sharks and whales from slow and painful deaths via plastic poisoning.


Dear Director Kurth,

Hundreds of baleen whales and basking sharks are slowly being poisoned by tiny particles of plastic ingested every time they feed. These microscopic particles mold to the animals’ insides, preventing absorption of nutrients and leading to slow starvation and suffocation. This is possibly even worse than immediate choking deaths via larger pieces of plastic, as the deaths come slowly and with much suffering.

You must protect sharks and whales from this horrific fate by ensuring cleaner oceans, free of plastic. We need stronger bans on dumping plastic in the ocean to more effective means of filtering out even the smallest bits of plastic, so that these marine animals can feed safely and avoid years of starvation and agony. These creatures have suffered enough endangerment and peril over the past decades; we must protect them from further devastation.


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Photo Credit: Len2040

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  1. Another crisis created by mankind!

    • Support Boyan Plat’s project. A young man who actually did something other than sign petition. Get out a pick up some liter. The more you DO the more You see how little you DO

  2. Mankind must cease harming the innocent.
    Oceans do not belong to us. We have no right to take from our oceans, we have no right to dispose of our trash in our oceans. We are a disgrace to humankind.

  3. We are destroying everything that comes in contact like us, like some kind of virus that just keeps on multiplying, one day, the host will die and so will we. This maybe off the point, but we need to do better to take care of the planet that has been given to us and all the creatures living in it.


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