Teen Accused of Hurling Kitten Into Lake to Drown Must be Punished

Target: Birgit Fladager, District Attorney for Stanislaus County, California

Goal: Demand that the teenager who allegedly threw a kitten into a large body of water, possibly killing the cat, receive the maximum penalty by law.

A frightened kitten was allegedly hurled into a large body of water in a shocking case of animal cruelty. A video, reportedly showing a teenager gleefully throwing the kitten, went viral on social media. Demand justice for this innocent kitten.

“My heart, it just left my body and I showed my mom and she burst into tears,” stated Nicole Pinheiro, a local resident who shared the shocking video. The video, reportedly showing now-18-year-old Garret Haile throwing a kitten into a large body of water, went viral and quickly caught the attention of Patterson police. The video was recorded a year ago, according to police, and the location of the incident is still unknown. It is unknown whether the kitten is dead or alive.

Haile was arrested on suspicion of felony animal cruelty. Police have not yet identified the person behind the camera. That person could face animal cruelty charges as well. Sign below and demand that Haile and the person behind the camera be charged with animal cruelty and that they receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Fladager,

A kitten may have drowned after the poor animal was allegedly thrown into a large body of water. A video, reportedly showing a teenager hurling the frightened kitten, went viral. We demand justice for this innocent kitten.

Patterson police arrested 18-year-old Garret Haile on suspicion of felony animal cruelty after a viral video reportedly showed him gleefully hurling a kitten into a large body of water. The footage depicted the kitten disappearing under the water and then resurfacing just as the video cut out. It is unknown whether the kitten is dead or alive at this time. The investigation is ongoing, and police have not yet identified the person behind the camera. That person may also face animal cruelty charges for their involvement in this horrific cruelty.

This abuse cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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  1. i cant judge, did you find a dead cat? no, then there’s only hear say, did the person toss the cat to a friend only to fake it? don’t know, do YOU. maybe that’s why the person that took the picture did nothing about it.
    Anyone can assume. dead case, not enough evidence.
    stop kicking a dead horse stupid.
    get more evidence before you attempt to prosecute, you think!!!
    actual known location would be a start.

    • Ava Lawler-Lunn says:

      If you have that attitude, why are you even on this site? Even your choice of phrase “kicking a dead horse” is highly offensive! Maybe you should learn to love thy neighbour?

    • Jacqueline Johnson says:

      Cruelty doesn’t have to end in death for it to be abuse, so your point is moot, unless you are an animal torturer standing up for your brethren.
      Perhaps someone bigger than you can entertain themselves by doing something to you like that and people can debate over whether you might be dead or not before they decide if there is something wrong with it.
      You are an ignorant enabler of abusers, I hope that you wake up and grow up, right now.

    • I think the video itself was proof enough. Whether the poor wee kitten survived is irrelevant.
      Even to fake such a video as you suggest is sick.

  2. The animal protection laws must be strengthened to an eye for an eye. The devil that did this to the poor innocent baby should drown slowly

  3. Leila Lappin says:

    Kill this fucking un-human parasite, rid the world from this disgusting killer.

  4. Dora Hardegger says:

    The fucking scum that did this animal cruelty should
    be tortured the same way and after that put the bastrard to hell for ever!

  5. This teen needs intervention and the family need to be investigated.
    Any person that can enjoy such an act of cruelty definitely has a psychological problem.
    Help has to be given before he goes on to hurt any more animals.

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