Stop Selling Marsupials Into Lives of Cruel Captivity

Target: Gina Mullin, Show Manager of I-X Christmas Connection

Goal: Do not host Pocket Pets, a company that sells sugar gliders, at the I-X Christmas Connection.

Sugar gliders are small, nocturnal animals who are incredibly social. Unfortunately, these animals are becoming popular pets despite how detrimental captivity is for them. The I-X Christmas Connection hosted Pocket Pets, a traveling company that sells sugar gliders, last year, but it is time to stop supporting this cruel animal trade.

In the wild, sugar gliders live in large groups and spend their nights socializing and bouncing from tree to tree. Life as a pet is the exact opposite. In homes, sugar gliders typically live alone in small cages and are forced to deal with daytime noise during their sleep time. They are also fed unnatural diets and are typically not handled properly.

Sign this petition and demand the I-X Christmas Connection stop hosting Pocket Pets at future conventions. These animals belong in the wild, not in a person’s home.


Dear Ms. Mullin,

Last year, the I-X Christmas Connection hosted Pocket Pets, which is traveling animal trade company most popular for its sugar gliders.

Sugar gliders are small, nocturnal animals who are incredibly social and typically live in large groups among the trees, constantly exploring the wilderness. However, life in captivity is very different and detrimental to these animals. They are often kept isolated in cages where they are kept awake during their sleep time. They also are often mishandled and fed unnatural diets. Captivity denies everything natural to these animals.

Please consider no longer hosting Pocket Pets at your convention. Sugar gliders are living, feeling animals, not novelty items.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: George Grinsted

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  1. Animals are not toys! You can never provide them with what they need! Leave them in the wild where they can take care of themselves! They are smarter than humans and know how to survive!

  2. I read ALL about “Pocket Pets” over a year ago, and they are a HORRIFIC supplier of live animals! SHUT THEM DOWN!!!! AND, you stupid, callous public out there — stop viewing and buying all these exploited and horribly harmed animals AS IF they were inanimate objects! YOU’RE the ones MOST to blame for this whole, sickening industry!!!!!

    See more info & footage of the investigation into Pocket Pets here:

  3. Non c’è speranza per l’essere umano, è diventato crudele, cattivo, ignorante, pessimo, senza cuore nei confronti della natura e dei suoi abitanti.. Se uno strappasse un uomo dalla sua bella casa calda e lo portasse di forza a vivere nella giungla cosa penserebbe nel suo piccolo cervello mal funzionante per giunta? Io farei così a tutti quelli che ogni minuto prendono un animale dalla loro casa e lo fanno vivere in gabbie o in altri climi

  4. Please leave these sugar gliders alone in the wild. They are not pets. Don’t people have enough choices for pets like domestic dogs and cats? They have to harm other species? WTF?

  5. Jacqui Skill says:

    Find your humanity and stop being a barbaric cruel idiot!

  6. Jaime Perez Jaime Perez says:

    What next? Animals just don’t stand a chance against stupid humans. Leave the wild animals alone.

  7. Bev Woodburn says:

    You bastards leave the innocent animals alone.

  8. I am writing to ask that, at your events, you please discontinue selling sugar gliders hosted by Pocket Pets—a traveling company that sells these tiny animals. Sugar gliders are obtained from breeding facilities that are similar to puppy mills, which are a highly traumatic experience for these marsupials.

    Sugar gliders are usually obtained from breeders in disgusting places that are not unlike puppy mills. They are then supplied to festivals, malls, fairs, and the like where they are an impulse buy. Nearly all of these “pocket pets” have a life where they are doomed to live in tiny cages, handled in a rough manner, fed food that is improper for their well-being, and then usually forgotten about once the “fun” wears off.

    If I may suggest, please go to where you can find many appropriate, reasonably priced prizes that people of all ages will just love. I thank you for your consideration.

  9. protect animals and save their life – this is the MOST IMPORTANT

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