Man Who Kicked and Threw Dog Into Traffic Must be Severely Punished

Target: Laura Mundell, Procurator Fiscal, Ayrshire, Scotland

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty under law for a man who pleaded guilty to beating and throwing his pet dog into a busy street.

A golden retriever was reportedly punched and kicked until he fell unconscious, before he was thrown into the path of oncoming traffic. The dog, named Biscuit, has apparently survived the heinous attack, while his owner has pleaded guilty and shown no sign of remorse. We must demand justice for this innocent dog.

When the dog’s owner, John Poole of Ayrshire, Scotland, was approached by police, he reportedly behaved in a threatening manner and admitted he had thrown Biscuit, as eyewitnesses had claimed. Thankfully, Biscuit is expected to fully recover from his injuries and will hopefully find a new and loving home.

While it is not known why Poole allegedly decided to attack his innocent pet dog, it is clear that he must face the consequences for his reported senseless actions. Anyone capable of acting with such violence against a defenseless animal is clearly a danger to society. Sign this petition to demand that he be severely punished and prohibited from owning animals in the future.


Dear Ms. Mundell,

A dog was subjected to unthinkable cruelty when his owner reportedly beat and threw him into a street in front of oncoming traffic. Miraculously, the dog, named Biscuit, has survived this savage attack and will fully recover. His owner, however, must be held accountable for his alleged violent and abusive behavior, for which he has not shown any remorse.

As this dog endured what must have been agonizing pain and terror, and could have easily been killed, it is necessary that this horrific crime not go unpunished. We urge you to seek the maximum penalty and to ensure that this man is unable to own animals in the future.


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Photo Credit: Rob Kleine

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  1. Sharon Stover says:

    It is a shame we have to put up with people like this. The person that did this is one sick individual. This person needs to be held accountable for act of cruelty. What needs done he needs the same torture he put the dog through. People like this are nothing but a meanie to society.

  2. He is pure evil to do such a horrible act to an innocent animal. He deserves the worst punishment he can be given and never to be around any animals again much less own one.

  3. Cruel evil thug, hope he gets the punishment he deserves, lock him up and throw away the key. This moron needs to be taught a lesson..

  4. Margaret Somers says:

    Hope you get what’s coming to you in a real bad way you coward

  5. Do the same to the bastard

  6. People keep signing petitions because these things keep happening. There needs to be tougher animal cruelty laws and they need to be enforced.

    This person didn’t even care that he tortured his dog. The reason is because there is no fear of punishment. This needs to be a felony.

  7. There is no place in society for these evil subhuman scumbags, nor any hope for rehabilitation. This psychopath should be beaten senseless being he has no soul or remorse for the horrific violent cruelty he subjected on this poor innocent pet, maybe then he would begin to make the connection of just how horrific it feels to be at the receiving end of a violent abuser!

  8. Agree all above do the same to them.

  9. I cannot even begin to comprehend why we need to sign petitions to do what is right here. We need harsher laws to take down people like this. People who cause such harm to innocent & helpless Animals. This is clearly a person with no Soul & it needs to be dealt with NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * Common this is clearly COMMON SENSE here

  10. Kill the fuckin bastard. Doesn’t deserve any justice.

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