Rescue Chimpanzee Held Captive in Tiny Cage


Target: Bryan Dalporto, Niagara Falls, NY Chief of Police

Goal: Arrest woman for allegedly holding chimpanzee captive and place chimpanzee in a sanctuary.

A 26-year-old deaf chimpanzee named Kiko is allegedly currently being held captive in a small 30×30-foot cage in Niagara Falls, New York. When not inside his cage, Kiko is forced to wear a tight padlock around his neck, and his movement is restricted by a short chain.

People involved with The Nonhuman Rights Project claim that because chimpanzees are capable of thinking at a level that scientists acknowledge is close to that of humans, Kiko should at least be given more rights than he is currently being given. While many people are not convinced Kiko will be given the same legal rights as humans, Kiko should still be protected under New York’s animal welfare laws. Part of the animal welfare provision 353 states that any person who, ‘…unjustifiably injures… or deprives any animal with necessary sustenance – food or drink –… is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.’ By not being given adequate space to move around, Kiko is being denied proper sustenance as commanded by New York state law.

Under provision 353-a, ‘a person is guilty of aggravated cruelty to animals when with no justifiable purpose, he or she… intentionally causes serious physical injury to a companion animal with aggravated cruelty,’ and it is further a crime if the action is done in either a ‘depraved or sadistic manner.’ Padlocking an animal and keeping it chained up is purposely physically injuring an animal in a depraved manner. This is a felony in the state of New York, and Kiko’s owner should be held responsible for her alleged actions.

Sign this petition and demand authorities immediately arrest Kiko’s owner and place Kiko in a proper animal sanctuary. No animal deserves to be chained up and padlocked because a human is too selfish to do what is most humane.


Dear Chief Dalporto,

An adult chimpanzee is allegedly being kept by its owner in a 30×30-foot cage in Niagara Falls, New York. If not restricted to the cage, Kiko is restricted by means of a padlock and chain.

While it is unlikely that people involved with The Nonhuman Rights Project will be successful in accomplishing their goal of getting Kiko the same rights as humans, Kiko should at least be protected under New York’s animal welfare laws. Kiko’s owner is guilty of breaking these laws, as keeping Kiko inside a small cage or keeping him chained up without allowing him to move around is not providing him with proper sustenance, or ‘the necessaries of life,’ as required by NY state law. Furthermore, placing and keeping a heavy padlock on Kiko’s neck and restricting his movement with a chain is evidence that Kiko’s owner is purposely injuring him in a depraved manner. This action is classified as a felony under New York state law.

For all of the above reasons, I urge you to arrest Kiko’s owner, Carmen Presti, immediately and to require her to relinquish Kiko to the proper authorities. Under animal protection laws Kiko should be protected and placed in an adequate animal sanctuary. He has been through enough. At 26 years old, he should be allowed the freedom to run around in a suitable environment. Please handle this matter with the urgency in which it requires.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Hans Hillewaert via Creative Commons

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  1. Melissa K Renniger couldn’t of said it better.Well done Melissa.We all seemed to be in agreement that poor Kiko
    should be out of that cage.The vile creature should be banned from ever owning another animal.As for Governments who bring in the legislation how animals should be treated,and how they are kept,when it comes to removing an animal it takes years to remove the poor creature and even then it doesn’t always happen.Look at Tony the tiger. Over the yearsI’ve signed so many petitions along with thousands of other Care2 animal lovers,and Tony is still in his prison.13 or 14 yrs.Why?

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