Justice for Family Reportedly Forced to Decapitate Murdered Dog

Target: Christopher M. Carr, Attorney General of Georgia

Goal: Punish officers who reportedly forced a family to decapitate their dog.

A Georgia police officer allegedly shot a family’s beloved pet dog, supposedly in self-defense, then forced the family patriarch to behead the animal’s corpse under the threat of incarceration. This was supposedly to test for rabies, despite health officials stating that owners should not remove the head for this purpose. Joe Deacon suffered “great physical and mental pain and suffering” over the grisly task, both of which cost him his job. Worse, the family was allegedly forced to commit the horrific act in front of their children.

This is one of the worst examples of both police brutality and animal cruelty rolled into one disgusting incident. This poor dog was reportedly killed and his corpse mutilated for nothing, and his family is suffering from immense trauma and grief. The police had no right and no reason to commit this alleged atrocity. Too many dogs have fallen victim to horrific abuse and murder, and too many animals in general have lost their lives to supposed ‘self-defense’ when they were hardly a threat.

So far, the only consequence the pair has faced is Officer James Hollis being placed under investigation and on paid leave, which is not nearly enough punishment. The family has sued the county, and while no amount of money can bring back the dog, the officers deserve far worse punishment for their alleged actions. Sign this petition to demand that the police face the consequences for the death of this dog if found responsible.


Dear Attorney General Carr,

Two police officers allegedly shot an innocent dog to death and forced his family to decapitate his corpse under the threat of incarceration. The claim was made that the dog attacked an officer, and that the beheading was done for the purpose of rabies testing. Joe Goodwin, the dog’s owner, was traumatized to the point where the resulting grief affected his job performance, and the family is suing the police department and the county.

These officers have allegedly committed a disgusting act of animal cruelty, in addition to reportedly tormenting the dog’s family with such a horrific task. It is a combination of animal abuse and police brutality, and so far the only consequence is that one of the two officers has been placed on paid leave and under investigation. That is not enough. These officers have reportedly committed a horrific act that deserves a much harsher punishment. You must ensure that they face every consequence for their alleged actions. This innocent dog and his family deserve justice.


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Photo Credit: Andrew Leahey

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  1. OMG….This story is just so vile and sick it’s hard to believe that it is true. The cop who made the owner do this MUST BE FIRED, MADE TO PAY COMPENSATION TO THE FAMILY, the police dept must be trained on how to handle situations with peoples beloved pets and that means not to shoot to kill for no reason and then make the owner cut their beloved pets head off.

    i hope the owners call Animal Legal Defense Fund…they have top notch attorneys which they need to fight this. THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS WATCHING BECAUSE THIS WAS SO VILE, SICK, AND INHUMANE!!

  2. Like I said before, Police officers are worse then criminals they prosecute. This is a perfect example. How heartless can a person be.


  4. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    This is obviously not protocol for determining whether an animal is rabid. The removal of the head should be done by a professional in a lab, not some grieving homeowner in his back yard in front of children. This is simply a sadistic guy who gets his jollies from shooting pets and inflicting pain. He passed his physical and a few written tests and they gave him a badge. Is this the norm in Georgia?

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