Prosecute Man Who Reportedly Forced Badgers and Dogs to Fight to the Death

Target: Llandudno Magistrates Court

Goal: Prosecute fox hunt master allegedly involved in badger baiting to the full extent of the law.

Badger baiting is a sport in which dogs attack and kill a badger; it has been illegal in the UK since 1803. David Thomas, a master of a fox hunt, has been exposed for alleged badger baiting. Thomas reportedly forced the terrified badger to fight, outnumbered, against dogs at his farm while other men watched for fun. Mike Nicholas, a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Badger baiting is a cruel sport we have long suspected to be organized by those engaged in illegal hunting.”

Badger baiting is especially cruel because in its natural environment, the badger is a quiet and docile animal. It is only when exposed to a threat that it will fight, using its dangerous bite and formidable claws to defend itself. Thus, badger baiting not only injures the animal itself but also the reputation of the badger, making them more susceptible to harm from fearful humans. In addition, while badger baiting usually ends with the death of the badger, the dogs themselves are usually severely injured, making badger baiting a sport that is cruel to two animals at once.

Video of Thomas’ farm reportedly reveals pipes designed to hold badgers captive, without means of escape, while dogs attack them. After a judge saw video, Thomas was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a badger in addition to six other animal welfare offences. He will go to trial in February. Sign this petition to urge the Llandudno Magistrates Court to prosecute Thomas to the full extent of the law.


To the Judges at The Llandudno Magistrates Court,

After a judge viewed a video that revealed special pipes on David Thomas’ farm property used in the illegal sport of badger baiting, Thomas was convicted and will face the court for trial in February.

Badger baiting has not only been illegal in the UK since 1803, but it is also an incredibly cruel sport that exposes two different animals to risk of injury and death. The badgers themselves are made to fight for their lives, disturbing their normally peaceful disposition. The dogs that are involved in badger baiting are usually severely injured by the defending badger. David Thomas was allegedly badger baiting on his property for fun and invited other men over to watch for fun. I urge you to prosecute Thomas to the full extent of the law so that it is made abundantly clear that the practice of badger baiting will not be tolerated.


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Photo Credit: Killianwoods

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  1. Can’t believe that in the XXI Century this SPORT should still
    be practiced …
    Incarcerate that bastard and after that send him to Siberia and let him freeze to death!

  2. All of these sick men need to be put in prison and perhaps they will see how “funny” it is to be captive. They need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and made to suffer.

    • this evil moron needs to be severely punished,backward thinking swine who need to murder animals ie fox hunting badger baiting demonstrate that these people have no empathy ,just bloodlust. I say kill each other,no one will miss them


  4. This idiot and anyone involved should be put in prison for many years to keep all living creatures safe. Violent sick mental midget criminals belong in jail. Protect the public by putting violent sick criminals in jail. These people are Violencent and are most likely mental ill. Strict laws to stop violence please!

  5. I am tired of violence going unpunished and then having to live in a community where no creature is safe. Please prosecute violent crime to the fullest extent of the law. Catch these very sick criminals all of them involved and put them in jail for as long as possible, keep my community safe from violent criminals!

  6. KatWrangler WELCH says:

    David Thomas AND friends are useless wastes of human life.
    Use them as bait for some big predators. Let them see how much fun that is.

  7. I am ashamed that this hellish practice has been found to be carrying on in Wales. I have heard of this thomas person. He is a cruel beast without a shred of decency and I trust you will let him know this in your judgement. Illegal, brainless, subhuman means nothing to him, as he is all three. We do not need this sort of scum. I beg you, Sir to show no pity, as he shows none, and put this scum away for a long time. Thank you.

  8. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    Fry his ass.


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