Eleven Dogs Reportedly Abused, Neglected and Left Out in Freezing Cold Deserve Justice

Target: Peter Kilmartin, Attorney General for Kent County, Rhode Island

Goal: Demand that the man who allegedly abused and neglected 11 dogs and left them outside in the freezing cold receive the maximum penalty by law.

Eleven dogs suffered when they were allegedly abused, neglected, and left outside in freezing temperatures. Witnesses reported hearing the dogs barking in the woods near the suspect’s home when temperatures reached only 20 degrees. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Rhode Island State Police visited Eugene McQuade’s property after they received complaints of dogs left outside in frigid temperatures. Police reportedly found three pit bulls living in squalid conditions inside of one of McQuade’s properties. Eight more pit bulls were found in McQuade’s second property, police stated, and one more had been abandoned inside of a truck.

The dogs were taken to the Exeter and Coventry animal shelters. Though the dogs’ conditions are unreported, they all required veterinary care. Police charged McQuade with 11 counts of unnecessary cruelty to animals and 11 counts of mistreatment of animals. Sign below and demand that McQuade receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear Attorney General Kilmartin,

Eleven dogs were reportedly abused, neglected, and left outside in the cold in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dogs lived in squalid conditions on the suspect’s property, police stated, and they showed signs of neglect. We demand justice for these poor dogs.

Rhode Island State Police charged Eugene McQuade with 11 counts of unnecessary cruelty to animals and 11 counts of mistreatment of animals after he allegedly kept 11 pit bulls in squalid conditions. Split between two properties, the dogs reportedly showed signs of neglect. One dog was also found abandoned inside of a truck, police stated. The dogs are receiving veterinary treatment at the Exeter and Coventry animal shelters. Per court records, McQuade previously faced charges of mistreating animals and control of vicious dogs. He has bonded out of jail.

This suspect’s record indicates that he is a danger to animals and must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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  1. Susan Budde says:

    His punishment should be to be caged out in the cold for as long as the dogs were. He’s a disgusting piece of garbage!

  2. I hate losers like McQuade. Lock him in a car to freeze. Punishment should fit the crime! Hope all the dogs get rehomed

  3. I’m glad the neighbors kept asking and the dogs were saved. How many Other dog abuse charges, at least 2? He Has To be Banned from owning pets for Life. This should not have happened again.

  4. Hey, EUGENE McQUADE from Rhode Island, U.S.A. YOU are FAMOUS NOW and thanks to social media, YOU will remain famous for at least the next 500 years. QUITE THE LEGACY YOU WILL BE LEAVING TO ALL YOUR FAMILY! Nothing to brag about.

    THANK YOU to the witnesses who alerted the Rhode Island Police who responded to save these freezing dogs
    Peter Kilmartin, Attorney General for Kent County, Rhode Island:

    We demand that EUGENE McQUADE from Rhode Island who abused and neglected 11 dogs and left them outside in the freezing cold receive the MAXIMUM penalty by law.

    • Agree with all you write about this wicked Retard and I hope some animal loving vigilantes get to him and give him the beating of his life before leaving in the Wood to die in the cold

  5. Animal welfare laws are PATHETIC!! We need much stronger laws and much harsher punishment to deter animal abuse. We must ensure those who commit cruelty towards animals face suitably tough punishments. If we do not properly punish these people then as a society we are essentially legitimising abuse against animals.

  6. This cruelty cannot go unpunished like the last incident of this cruel heartless moron. He doesn’t deserve to own any animals. Make sure he gets charged heavily for inflicting suffering on these poor helpless dogs. Leave his ass outside in the freezing cold tethered to a tree.

  7. This mentally disturbed, primitive and asocial asshole must be removed
    That is a danger for all

  8. agree all above put these abuser out in the cold hope they die.

  9. I cannot even begin to comprehend why we need to sign petitions to do what is right here. We need harsher laws to take down people like this. People who cause such harm to innocent & helpless Animals. This is clearly a person with no Soul & it needs to be dealt with NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * NOW * Common this is clearly COMMON SENSE here

  10. Put those bastards in the freezer !!

  11. If this fellow couldn’t afford to feed and shelter these dogs properly, as well as keep them in healthy areas then he definitely should have had enough sense to ask for help. How can he justify actions such as this animal neglect in a court of law? Punish to the fullest extent possible.

  12. I would also like to burn this whole pack of animals abusers and torment a lot more to death. It is no longer enduring like these poor animals must suffer. These are all feeling cripples of these monstermen.
    They should be extinguished. So much exorbitant brutality and absolute cruelty is no longer to be surpassed.

    Cowardly human scum

  13. Hopefully this scumbag will face the full weight of the law. How many chances does he need / get ??? He has repeatedly abused animals.
    He should be banned from ever having animals in his care again.

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