Stop Mistreatment of Elephants for Profit

Target: Suwaphan Tanyuvardhana, Thailand Minister of Justice

Goal: Demand the Elephant Training Center be shut down.

Hundreds of elephants are reportedly suffering at a training center in Thailand. Fodor’s travel guide describes the Elephant Training Center in Chiang Mai as a place where “the pachyderms are treated well, and seem to enjoy showing off their skills.” Said skills include giving rides to tourists, playing musical instruments, and painting.

This could not be further from the truth. In reality, these elephants are reportedly horribly abused with paddles, whips, and other implements as ‘training.’ They perform these tricks not for the enjoyment of it, but because they have been conditioned to fear the brutal punishment they will receive should they fail. Furthermore, giving rides does damage to the elephants’ spines, sometimes even permanently. If these allegations of abuse are true, this training camp does not have the best interests of these animals at heart, despite the descriptions on their website.

It is wrong to exploit animals for money, and elephants are possibly the most exploited creatures on this planet. They have reportedly suffered horribly at the hands of these trainers and the tourists who ride them, all for the sake of profit. Sign this petition to demand this training center be shut down for its alleged abuses and the elephants moved to a proper sanctuary.


Dear Justice Minister Suwaphan,

The Elephant Training Center Chiang Dao, despite being advertised as a fun-filled romp, is in reality a cruel, barbaric place where the elephants are reportedly horribly abused. They are reportedly beaten and tortured in order to perform tricks such as painting and playing musical instruments. They are forced to give rides to tourists, which damages their spines. Overall, they are exploited for the sake of entertainment and profit.

You must close down this training center. Elephants have suffered horribly over the past decade; they have been hunted to near-extinction, forced to perform in parks and circuses, and denied the chance to live peacefully and rebuild their numbers. This training center is just another link in a chain already much too long. You must close it down and have the elephants moved to a proper sanctuary or back into the wild.


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  1. Stop using and abusing elephants! They are not here for you to make a buck! Get a real job and leave the elephants alone!

  2. get your act together thailand,its time you get civilised ,STOP THE ABUSE OF ELEPHANTS.

  3. Maureen Garney says:

    Maybe we should start whipping and beating the abusers! That would end this crap in a hurry.

  4. Elephants must be one of the most abused animal on the planet.Forcing them, or any animal do silly tricks, ‘taught’by painful and cruel methods to entertain idiot gawpers is wrong, outdated, and cruel. There are many more ways to entertain people
    these days. These horrid outdated animal acts have to be stopped. Let these creatures live their natural life, not a life of fear and cruelty.


  6. Elephants would never mistreat humans, so why harm them?

  7. Bev Woodburn says:

    All animal torturers of Elephants must be put to death. Get rid of this animal torturing filth from our planet.

  8. agree all above

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