End Diesel Emissions Testing on Monkeys

Target: Matthias Muller, CEO of Volkswagen

Goal: End the practice of using monkeys for emissions research.

Three German carmakers financed research that tested the health effects of diesel emissions on monkeys. Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW are all facing harsh public backlash after The New York Times reported news of the research this past week. While the research was conducted in order to show that diesel emissions are now less harmful than initially believed and that modern technology has solved the problem of excess emissions, which have been linked to cancer, the research is instead shining a light on the inhumane methods with which the research is carried out.

The research was conducted in 2014 and involved two groups of monkeys. Both groups of monkeys were directly exposed to diesel emissions for four hours. One group was exposed to emissions from a modern diesel Volkswagen, while the other group was exposed to emissions from an older Ford diesel pickup truck. After the monkeys were exposed to these emissions, which have been known to cause cancer and premature death, they were examined and samples of their lung tissue were harvested to look for inflammation. There are no reports as to what happened to the monkeys after the research was completed.

PETA Vice President Harald Ullmann said of the research, “There is nothing fair about condemning these complex, sensitive animals to suffer physical suffering and psychological torment in laboratories where they are caged and deprived of fresh air, sunshine, freedom of movement, the companionship of others, and just about everything else that makes any life worth living.” Sign this petition to urge Volkswagen to stop contracting with research facilities that test on animals.


Dear Mr. Muller,

It has recently become troubling public knowledge that your company sponsored research that was conducted on monkeys. These monkeys were exposed to diesel emissions for four hours and deprived of fresh air to breathe. The reason these emissions were being tested is because they are known to relate to lung cancer and premature death. Not only were the monkeys used in this research pried from their natural habitats and made to live inside of a laboratory environment, but they were also exposed to harmful substances. After their exposure, scientists tested these monkeys and samples of their lung tissue were removed. This research, conducted for the benefit of your company, is done without any regard for the sentient, complex animals.

I urge you to discontinue the practice of using monkeys for emissions research as well as contracting with any research facilities that do.


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Photo Credit: IndiaInk-blog

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:


  2. Susan Turner says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!! ????? let’s put you humans in there and you all can test the exhaust. OMG!!!!!!

  3. Margaret Kinlaw says:

    Use death row prisoners and animal abusers to test this!

  4. Your Boards and CEO’s need to be held accountable for this disgraceful and heinous act of animal cruelty. Germans, still at it, being secretive and manipulative and unethical. Nothing’s changed since the war. Don’t buy German cars. In addition, they all support the abhorrent leather trade by putting leather seats etc inside their vehicles. You’d think they realise that faux leather is manufactured so well that you can’t tell the difference. That is, if you have to sit on an animal skin. Audi, VW and Daimler are all liars as well. Globally, I hope they all feel it financially, and that the German watchdogs (those who have morals) monitor these disgusting companies more closely. There’s got to be a penalty for this shameful act.

  5. And then they most likely had these monkeys killed off as well. AS IF anyone even needs this kind of test done for emissions. Were they hoping to be able to claim THEIR cars’ emissions are GOOD for you???

    Figures it’s a GERMAN brand. Guess not much has changed with their ilk since the war!!


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