Demand Justice for Abused Circus Lion Cub

Innocent Lion Cub

Target: Mariano Rajoy Brey, Prime Minister of Spain

Goal: Punish abusive circus owners who starved an innocent lion cub.

After stealing a lion cub away from its mother, circus owners starved it for several months, according to reports. Sadly, they are accused of wanting to keep the lion "small and cute" so people would pay to have their pictures taken with it. Demand that these cruel circus owners be severely punished for their alleged mistreatment of an innocent animal.

While at the circus, the lion was only given bread and yogurt. Eventually, the lion was found and rescued. However, it had to have surgery so its esophagus could be enlarged. Before undergoing surgery, veterinarians said that the lion should have already been given solid food months ago. As a result of the circus owners’ inhumane treatment, the lion will never be able to thrive in its natural environment. Zookeepers will also have to continuously cut up his food to make sure he is able to safely swallow it.

Despite checking many reputable news sources, the names of the owners who acted in this deplorable manner have proved difficult to find. Sign this petition to demand that Spain’s government publicly shame the people who starved this innocent animal and that these abusive circus owners are given the harshest sentence possible under law. No animal deserves to be starved so people can put up pictures on their mantles.


Dear Prime Minister Brey,

A lion cub in Spain was stolen from its mother and starved for many months. Circus owners admitted they did this in order to keep the lion “small and cute” so people would pay to have their pictures taken with it.

Since he was only fed bread and yogurt at the circus, the lion’s esophagus quickly shrank. In fact, surgery was needed to widen it. The veterinarians who performed the surgery said the lion should have started getting solid food months beforehand.

As a result of the circus owners’ abusive tactics, the lion will never be able to live in the wild. Instead, he will require constant care and medical attention for the rest of his life. Furthermore, his food will now always have to be cut up to ensure he does not choke.

Several news articles only refer to the people who starved this lion cub as “circus owners.” These people deserve to be publicly humiliated for their heartless, abusive treatment toward this animal. In addition, justice will not be served unless they are given the harshest sentence possible for their grotesque crime. For these reasons, I urge you to publicly shame the owners of this circus and to demand they are given the maximum punishment under law. No animal deserves to be starved for human entertainment purposes.


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Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar via Flickr

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  1. Circuses should be banned~period, especially if they use live animals in their stupid shows. We need laws passed to protect these animals, and to keep them in the wild. They were born free and that is the way they should remain.

  2. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    It is a shame how Spain doesn’t protect its animal and even justifies animal cruelty under “tradition” or “culture”.

  3. Diane Carson says:

    Some public announcements need to be done to make the public aware that their photos with the cute baby animals is contributing to the inhumane treatment of many animals. Find these circus owners and make them pay for the rehabilitation of this Lion cub, and prosecute/punish them. Shut down this circus for gross cruelty to animals.

  4. KatWrangler says:

    Sadly, I’m starting to agree with “an eye for an eye”. POSs like that only understand cruelty if you show them first-hand.

  5. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    It is so depressing reading these stories of yet another of the Animal Kingdom who has been tortured and abused. As has been stated before, we need tougher laws and tougher punishment – enforced – against those who commit these senseless acts of violence against the innocent. Animal cruelty has taken a back seat for far too long now, and we need to implement changes to deter this behavior – now…

  6. They don’t care over there, look how they torture bullsto death all in the name of tradition and fun.

  7. Why would members of any society let someone get away with cruelly abusing this lion cub? WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE? What about RIGHTS! Their crime shows lack of compassion – it shows lack of conscience – these “circus people” are irrational or mentally unbalanced! Clearly, they belong off the streets — they’re a danger to us all — especially to the innocent and vulnerable. Thank God, this cub is now in safe hands … let’s hope he has a happy and comfortable life in spite of his damage and suffering inflicted by these idiots!

  8. There is a very special place in HELL that awaits all animal abusers !!!!!!

  9. Stop using Animals on Circuse enough torturous Animals,be Humane

  10. GIVE OUR LIONS BACK!!! They don’t belong anywhere but in Africa.

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