Don’t Let People Who Abandon and Abuse Animals Off the Hook

Target: Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama

Goal: Combat abandonment, abuse, and torture of any living being with forceful laws.

Fortunately, animal cruelty laws are on the books in every American state. Unfortunately, not all laws are created equal. While a majority of states can give prison time and a hefty fine even for first offenses, some states meet only the most rudimentary standards for punishment. Alabama stands as perhaps the worst offender with the laxest animal cruelty legislation on the books. Ironically and tragically, the state ranks in the top 10 for number of animal abuse cases per year. This epidemic can end if state laws and punishments correlate with these heinous crimes.

For the price of 500 to (very rarely) 3,000 dollars, an offender can torture, neglect, or kill an animal on at least three different occasions. Even if the accused is a repeat offender, the fine never rises above $3,000 except in certain circumstances, such as the maiming of a domesticated dog or cat. In other states, fines are as high as $20,000 for first offenses alone.

In most cases, Alabama also does not assign felony status or levy prison time for animal cruelty cases. The first offense is deemed a misdemeanor unless it involves torture of dogs or cats. This distinction stands despite abandonment typically ranking as the most frequent form of animal abuse in Alabama, with torture being the least common type. Any time served for an offense takes place not in prison but in the county jail. Even for a third offense, jail time typically does not exceed one year.

Sign this petition and demand that Alabama governor Kay Ivey ensure proper justice for all of the state’s animals.


Dear Governor Ivey,

Cruelty and neglect are repulsive to our core American values. Our systems of justice are designed to protect us from these atrocities and ensure that the abusers and exploiters instigating them do not go unpunished. Sadly, for many living beings, Alabama law has failed its duty.

Current animal cruelty laws do little to protect all animals or to discourage current and future perpetrators. When the penalty is a minimal fine and non-mandatory, scant jail time, what message does this send to those who hurt or kill another living creature? Your current laws do provide an adequate measure of punishment for individuals who intentionally harm dogs and cats, with felony status, a sizable financial penalty, and possible significant prison time being the norm in such cases. Your state took note of the rising number of dog abuse cases and took action.

Afford the same consideration and protection to other creatures who are losing their livelihood or even their life at this very moment. Heed the lessons learned in other states and strengthen your animal cruelty laws


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jonathan Kriz

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One Comment

  1. Kristen Johnston says:

    All animal abusers should be abused and then shot.
    Humans are assholes! And there’s way too many of them.
    Millions of various kinds of animals are also killed each year, painfully like the way lambs, goats, pigs, chickens, and turkeys are killed by having their throat slit so they have to lay there and suffer in agony while they helplessly bleed to death! For F sake!!
    I don’t know how people can do shit like that! No compassion for other beings. They’re sick and shouldn’t exist on earth!
    Would be paradise here if they didn’t!!
    No pain, no suffering. Human’s suck!

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