End Illegal Fox Hunting


Target: Prime Minister David Cameron

Goal: Put an end to inhumane fox hunting and prosecute hunters who participate in the illegal sport.

A ban on fox hunting, which is a popular sport in the United Kingdom, hasn’t stopped hunters from pursuing the hobby, and animal welfare activists are not happy. The sport was banned in February 2005, but many continue to practice the sport without being punished. The issue continues to be a hot topic between rural citizens, politicians, and animal welfare activists. With humans ever encroaching on animal habitats, animals shouldn’t be killed for the sake of sport. Tell Prime Minister David Cameron to punish those who have hunted foxes, as this act is unethical and cruel towards animals.

Fox hunting resulted from pest control when rural citizens took their dogs to the fields to hunt and kill foxes. It has since evolved into a sport that is deeply rooted in Britain’s history. It is thanks to politicians and animal activists that the sport has been banned because of its cruelty toward animals. Foxes were being killed for the thrill of the hunt and to exercise dogs. When fox hunting with hounds was banned, many who supported the sport were concerned that the tradition would disappear, but to this day the hunt not only lives, it thrives.

Other hunters have sought humane ways to give hunters the thrill of the chase and to give dogs exercise. Trail hunting involves laying down fox urine where dogs could hunt and hunters could follow. It would mimic the actual hunt without killing a fox in the process. Unfortunately, this method has led dogs to actual foxes, which are then killed.

The ban against fox hunting is not heavily enforced, which is why the inhumane practice still continues. Hunters can continue killing foxes and claim that the kill was accidental, thereby avoiding the law. Fox hunting has been deemed by many to be a cruel and inhumane sport. The hunting of foxes merely provides hunters with excitement and exercise for their dogs. Sign this petition and urge Prime Minister David Cameron to enforce this ban and prosecute those who have killed foxes.


Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,

As an animal lover, I must turn your attention to the issue of fox hunting. This sport, which has deeply embedded itself into British tradition, has been deemed by many to be brutal and inhumane. Foxes are not being killed because they are pests, but simply because many hunters enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

While a ban exists on fox hunting, it is not heavily enforced. Hunters are still able to kill foxes without receiving punishment. I beg you to enforce this law. Humans should be willing to share their living space with animals, not kill them needlessly.


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Photo credit: jans canon via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Gerri Ochinero says:

    Oh please. Fox hunting is not a “sport.” A helpless little fox is released and relentlessly pursued by a pack of excited, barking dogs and a gang of pretentious egotists on horseback. This is not a British tradition to be proud of, but rather an absolute inhumane death chase which is to be condemned and forever forbidden.
    “I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” …Mahatma Gandhi

  2. Lynne danieli says:

    Disgusting and horrific tteatment of a defenceless little fox. This is not sport,it’s murder!

  3. Really hope all the people against the fox hunting are also against fur. Pretty much the same, unnecessary horrible cruel deaths of gorgeous creatures.

  4. Stephanie Geyser says:

    “Sport” is where opponents compete on an equal footing. Fox hunting is just that – HUNTING. The fox has NO chance against hunters on horseback and their baying hounds.


    Fox hunting is not a sport that’s just murdering an animal for them to be able to get away with it we have cats and dogs we have a ferret it takes a lot of money to maintain all the animals that we do have we put out about $400 to 500 a month can make sure that they are all fed and they have everything every month I don’t believe in being cruel to animals they have a heart just as much as we do and they are very loving and caring I would love to have a baby fox and raise it I’ve had all kinds of animals Me growing up on a farm I would always cry when we would have to slaughter our own livestock I just don’t believe people being cruel to a pet my animals is my family and if anybody hurts one of them I let them know. This petition needs to be signed by everybody and stop this cruelty to foxes

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