Woman Who Stole and Euthanized Terminally-Ill Neighbor’s Dog Will Fortunately Serve Jail Time


Target: Judge Anthony Mariani, Allegheny County Court

Goal: Praise sentence against woman who stole a terminally ill man’s pet and had it put down.

A woman who stole her terminally ill neighbor’s dog and euthanized it without permission has been sentenced to six months’ jail time. Gisele Paris of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania stole neighbor Mark Boehler’s Siberian husky, named Thor, around Thanksgiving of 2013. She believed it was being neglected despite assurances to the contrary from a local animal protection officer, who she had called to investigate. The animal control officer said that while the dog had health issues, they were being treated and the dog was not suffering.

When 58-year-old Paris was unsatisfied with the response, she took matters into her own hands. Criminal complaints against her alleged that she took the dog from Boehler’s yard to an animal shelter where it was examined by a veterinarian. According to Paris’ court testimony, the vet found benign growths on one of the dog’s legs, which would have cost $600 to remove, so she opted instead to have the dog euthanized.

Prosecutors, on the other hand, saw the case differently. They accused Paris of trying to cover up the evidence of a crime she had committed. In late 2014, a court found her guilty of theft, receiving stolen property, and cruelty to animals. The judge handed down a six month prison sentence and condemned Paris’ failure to “understand the wrongfulness of [her] conduct,” stating that she could be a danger to the community.

Not only did Paris defy the judgement of a trained animal control officer to euthanize a happy and healthy dog, she took away a terminally ill man’s companion. Her lack of remorse and failure to accept her own wrongdoing show that she could be capable of similar crimes in the future. Sign the petition below to applaud a jail sentence for this thoughtless and cruel offender.


Dear Judge Anthony Mariani,

A woman who stole and euthanized her terminally ill neighbor’s pet has been sentenced to six months in prison. The woman called animal control to check on a neighbor’s dog, which looked to be “unhealthy.” When an investigation determined that the dog’s owner was taking appropriate measures to treat the health issues and that the dog was not suffering, Gisele Paris stole and euthanized the dog anyway.

This crime not only took the life of a healthy and happy dog, but took a companion away from a terminally ill man. We, the undersigned, applaud the jail sentence handed down to this cruel and remorseless offender.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: M. Rehemtulla via Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Rosemary Anderson says:

    Paris is a scum bag of the first order. Taking that dog and having it put to sleep was a vile sensless act that deverstated a terminally ill person and for that she should be harshly punished. She should serve the FULL 6 months then made to pay for the dog, also she should be banned from ever owning a pet or being within 50 yards of anyones pet.

  2. Brenda Boutin says:

    She certainly should not be allowed to own a pet. Her neighbors should get restraining orders against her. She will be a threat to the neighborhood. She has proven that.

  3. Michael Guest says:

    That was very unacceptable. It was the wrong thing to do. Poor dog. Makes me so angry. Don’t let this happen ever again anywhere.

  4. Karen Remnant says:

    Should have been six years, minimum! What an evil bitch!

  5. Who died and left Gisele Paris God?? Why does she think she has a right to make those kinds of decisions?? I’ll tell you why~~because she is a sick & twisted subhuman piece of crap who should be euthanized herself. I hope she dies while in prison, then that’ll be one less animal killer in this world, and she certainly should be ordered by the courts that she is never to have an animal in her possession for the rest of her sorry, miserable life. She should also be listed on an animal abuse, neglect/killer registry so that people around her will know what kind of monster she is and report it if she does get an animal or if they detect any kind of suspicious activity from her.

  6. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    The punishment for this crime should be 5 years – minimum! We continue to sign these petitions, all the while urging our elected officials to toughen the punishment for those who choose to commit acts of cruelty against the Animal Kingdom, but nothing ever changes. I don’t get it…

  7. C Montoya says:

    Wow! A judge with some Ba**S–it is very good to hear that there are a few out there who will stand up for the animals once in a while! Hooray for Judge Mariani!

  8. Six months? It should be six years, if not more! What Paris did is cruel, criminal and psycho — she must answer for her crime — society must teach her a lesson — clearly, she has mental issues — throw her into a rubber room and throw away the key! She’s a danger to us all!

  9. Chop her hands she is Criminal.

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