Success: Conservation Efforts Made to Save Critically Endangered Leopard


Target: President and CEO of World Wildlife Fund, Carter Roberts

Goal: Praise the World Wildlife Fund for helping to restore the critically endangered Amur Leopard.

The extremely rare Amur Leopard has been facing the risk of extinction in the past five years. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has heard the voices of people at ForceChange and has taken action and built a national park to preserve the small population of Amur Leopards left.

Amur Leopards are the world’s rarest cat, with fewer than 57 cats existing in the wild. This number used to be even lower with a reported 30 cats in 2007, but a 2012 census showed that numbers have increased thanks to hard efforts by the WWF. The low number of Amur Leopards are due to their habitat in east Russia being encroached upon by humans and illegal poaching for their precious fur. The creation of the park by the WWF banned human activity in and around the park, allowing the Amur Leopard to regain some of its population.

The park, referred to as the Land of the Leopard National Park, has 650,000 acres in Russia’s Far East and covers about 60 percent of the cat’s habitat. This park not only protects Amur Leopards, but also protects the endangered Siberian Tiger. Russia has invested $16.6 million in the park’s infrastructure and plans on $1.3 million more for future upkeep.

There is a long way still to go with restoring the Amur Leopard’s numbers, but the WWF has helped bring the big cat’s numbers up exponentially in a short amount of time. This brings hope that the Amur Leopard will continue to flourish so that it may no longer be critically endangered.

The establishment of this park and the hard conservation efforts of the WWF needs to be noticed. Please sign the petition below to thank the WWF for listening to the concerns of people everywhere in regards to the Amur Leopard.


Dear Mr. Carter Roberts,

I would like to thank you and everyone at the World Wildlife Fund for your hard efforts to boost the numbers of the Amur Leopard. The Land of the Leopard National Park has helped raise the numbers of the world’s rarest cat and will hopefully continue to increase the population so that they will no longer be critically endangered.

Amur Leopards are hunted for their beautiful coats and have had their habitat destroyed by loggers in east Russia. We cannot let this rare animal die out due to human greed and selfishness. By banning human activity in and around the park, the leopards can no longer by hunted down in their natural habitat.

This park is a great step forward to improving the numbers of the Amur Leopard. Please continue your hard work at conserving the critically endangered Amur Leopard and thank you for listening to those who voiced concerns over its dwindling population.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Keven Law via Flickr

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  1. Heather Brophy says:


  2. At least now they’ve got a 50% chance of surviving, bless them!

  3. Anne Watson says:

    Thank you WWF!

  4. Thank Goodness. I’ve been telling people about the Amur Leopard for 2 years now. Thank goodness. I’m so happy!



  7. Evidentally WWW allowed certain hunters into Amur
    Leopard territory which the management was unaware of. When it was discovered , they were incensed and took immediate action.
    Carter Roberts is known for being a strong protector of wildlife of all kinds,
    so this infuriated him, and understandably! We can all be deeply grateful to him for his unceasing labors in the amazing work he has done. Certain animals have specific nutritional needs,
    and Mr. Carter has spent many years of his life in research of their special
    requirements. Of
    course it took time for nature to replace the many varieties of growth which had been almost totally consumed. Fortunately , with fewer hunters decimating their numbers, the animals have been given a chance to rebuild their populations, and fashion has been given a “bad rap “, so to speak.. It is no longer considered quite so chic to sport a gorgeous mink coat as it once was!


    • Please give more informaion on the subject of animal nutrition needs. Many people have no idea that certain foods can be dangerous to certain animals. Please write articles on this important topic. Thank you!
      For example,
      Chocolate can be fatal to a dog or cat. Fortunarely cats will not usually touch it. Dogs however adore it. And both species have died from lapping up the product that is used in garages for cleaning and other purposes. It is very sweet and extremely lethal!

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