Save Endangered Panther from Road Fatalities

Target: Marco Rubio, Senator of Florida

Goal: Protect Florida’s panther population from fatal vehicle collisions.

Two Florida panthers were struck dead by vehicles, only a day apart from each other; they are the first two vehicle-related deaths among panthers of 2018. Last year, 30 panthers were struck down while crossing the roads. This is a smaller number from previous years, but is still much too high given the species’ vulnerable status.

The panther once roamed the Southeast freely, but the building of roads and settlements has confined them to a tiny space along the Gulf of Mexico. Panthers who attempt to cross these roads to find other panthers or to forage are killed by moving vehicles. Their status is listed as ‘least concern’ for now, but this could change for the worse in an instant. Only seven panthers with litters totaling 19 kittens were found in the area last year, which is not nearly enough to bolster the species’ numbers.

We must act quickly to protect the remaining panther population from vehicular slaughter. More safe areas need to be created, including but not limited to a safe crossing zone for the animals and stricter rules for drivers along the roads. Sign this petition to save the panther before it is too late.


Dear Senator Rubio,

The panther population in Florida has been on a slow, steady decline for the past few years. Two were found dead recently, the first two panther casualties of 2018, after being struck by moving vehicles. This is due to the loss of their habitat; panthers once freely roamed the Southeast but are now confined to a tiny space after roads and highways were built on their homes.

You must help us keep this species protected. Only seven panthers with litters totaling 19 kittens were documented last year, which is not nearly enough to fortify their numbers and protect them from more severe endangerment. You must enforce stricter driving rules and create safe zones so that panthers may cross without the risk of being struck down. The species is merely vulnerable for now, but that will change for the worse if we do not work to protect them.


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Photo Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service

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  1. Linda Cummings says:

    The Florida panther has been in trouble for decades, and the population keeps declining. What the hell is wrong with the government there that they STILL HAVE NOT taken any steps to protect these lions?!?! What the hell is wrong with Florida?!?!

    • KatWrangler WELCH says:

      Do you recall Babcock Ranch? It’s prime habitat for the Florida panther, and WAS huge. But it’s been sold off piece by piece over the past 20 years because Florida wouldn’t work with the owners to keep from habitat fragmantation. So now panthers are vulnerable to cars and other human dangers. Just makes my heart hurt.
      Thank you for caring enough to sign and comment.

  2. KatWrangler WELCH says:

    PLEASE share this petition – it’s so important the word gets out. Florida panthers were making a bit of a comeback, but that’s been destroyed due to their prime habitat being sold off for housing and commercial developement. Fragmentation of territories is causing car and other human dangers, killing these animals faster than they can recover.

    There are many sites devoted to helping save this species:…/florida/…/save-the-florida-panther.xm

    1. Adopt a Panther. A symbolic adoption helps save real animals
    in the wild.
    2. Take Action … sign and share
    3. Speak Up for Wildlife … make calls
    4. Stay Informed …

    These cats are part of our precious natural history, and only have those who care to keep them from disappearing forever.
    Thank you for posting this petition.
    Please sign and share.


  4. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    I can never understand when a highway is to be constructed through a wildlife corridor why an over pass or underpass is not drafted into the design??? Not that hard really!
    Waiting until so many deaths happen or these animals become on the brink of extinction then millions of $ are spent to save them and millions more to build the safe passage for them… Why are the town planners and councils so darn brain-dead!
    Please fix this problem now and don’t let any more blood be on your hands!


  6. How many more have to die before anyone gets round to noticing? You built a highway through their habitat-did it not occur to you there would be accidents which are contributing to the extinction of the florida panther? Please get your heads round this and accommodate the needs of the panthers. They need their land, you want it. So a tunnel, which should have been built in the first place if anyone had had the foresight- it’s not rocket science! Get it done before the world notices your incompetence.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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