Punish Man for Setting Live Cat on Fire

cat fire

Target: Bronx District Attorney

Goal: Punish man accused of viciously torturing and killing stray cat

Ernesto Bailey, 31, was reported to have beaten and set a stray cat on fire outside of his apartment in New York and is now facing charges of aggravated cruelty, torture, and reckless endangerment to animals, as well as arson. According to witnesses, the stray cat was resting outside Bailey’s apartment when Bailey stopped to attack it. A neighbor who watched surveillance footage of the incident believes that the cat may have scratched Bailey when he tried to approach it. “I think it bit him or scratched him. And then I saw [Bailey] kick it,” the neighbor said in a statement to New York Daily News. Surveillance videos captured the man placing the injured, bleeding cat on a blanket and dousing it in lighter fluid before setting it on fire. It is evident, however, that the cat was still alive before being engulfed in flames. A neighbor who actually saw the scene unfold stated, “I smelled smoke and looked outside and I saw something moving in the smoke.”

Bailey tells the cops a different story in which the cat was the aggressor. According to court documents, Bailey had complained, “The cat came into my apartment, and it was scratching me and my kids.” He then claims that the cat “jumped on [his] head and as a reflex, [he] threw it against the wall.” However, the surveillance video clearly shows the man running a shopping cart over the cat multiple times and even smashing it with the cart.

Bailey is currently held on $25,000 bail after his arraignment in Bronx Criminal Court. This accused criminal must be severely punished for attacking a defenseless, innocent cat and let him know that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.


Dear District Attorney,

I am writing this letter to express my disgust and anger at Ernesto Bailey for the sickening crime of attacking a defenseless stray cat. This accused criminal also tried to cover up the crime by blaming the “vicious” cat for somehow trespassing into his home and attacking him first, even though surveillance videos suggested otherwise. Mr. Bailey’s apparent disregard for the cat’s life is appalling, but the sheer arrogance he displayed by stating that his only regret was harming the cat in a public space is even more shocking. The man’s lack of conscience makes me concerned for every animal that will cross his path in the future. I can only hope that this man be brought to justice for his crimes.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Kerry Beazizo says:

    You who tortured this innocent being will find no peace at death

  2. Are you effing kidding me???!!! I wish this scumbag’s punishment were up to me. I would give him the death penalty, by means of setting him on fire. Individuals who commit crimes such as this one are a danger to all animals and all humans alike. Eliminate his ass from our planet !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lauren Goldman says:

    People who torture animals are psychopaths and will assuredly move up to people. I hope he is removed from his children, they are in danger as long as he is present.

  4. Donna McNew says:

    These evil bastards need to feel the same pain they inflict on those poor defenseless animals.

  5. la stessa sorte a questo rifiuto tossico

  6. What an absolute sick a#&hole! Heaven help his kids if they cross him. His kids should be taken off him as well. They shouldn’t be allowed to live with a sick cruel bastard like this.

  7. Animals need to be given human rights, after all they are more humane than we are! Then there will be no excuse for anyone, anywhere to be able to get away with animal abuse!

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