Give Fish a Fighting Chance at a Pain-Free Life

Target: Raymond Svider, Executive Chairman of PetSmart

Goal: End the cruel practice of isolating Siamese fighting fish in small prisons for commercial gain.

Fish do not benefit from many of the protections afforded to other common pets like cats and dogs. The abuses committed against one of nature’s most beautiful fish often exceed even the worst cases of documented animal cruelty. Thanks to corporate greed, betta fish, or Siamese fighting fish, face an entire lifetime as captive ornaments.

These small living beings live in isolation and with extremely limited mobility in retail chains and pet stores nationwide. Due to misconceptions about the fish’s affinity for attacking other fish and its capabilities of surviving nutrient- and warmth-deprived environments, betta fish are put on display in plastic drinking cups or small vases. They must live in a setting containing nothing but scarce water. Often, they do not even have space to make a simple turn. Worse yet, they endure this existence until they are purchased… or until they succumb to their unforgiving environment.

Animal abuse should not be relegated to the most headline-grabbing and egregious acts of violence. Everyday neglect and mistreatment present a far more insidious and lasting threat to animal welfare causes around the world. Licensed pet dealers should meet the most humane standards for treatment.

Sign this petition and demand that PetSmart Executive Chairman Raymond Svider set a positive standard for all pet sellers by improving housing and care for betta fish. Otherwise, PetSmart must stop exploiting these animals and halt all sales immediately.


Dear Chairman Svider,

As a leader of the pet retail industry, PetSmart holds an important responsibility in setting guidelines that reflect humane treatment for all pets. Yet at many of your outlets, some of the smallest and most vulnerable animals are put on cruel display and deprived of the most fundamental comforts and necessities.

In spite of their reputations, betta fish can coexist with other fish (even their own kind) given the proper conditions. Further, these conditions must include a nourishing environment that ensures the nutrients and warm temperatures that betta fish need to survive.

End the practice of imprisoning these fish in small cups where they are deprived of a cruelty- and pain-free life. If your outlets cannot provide the proper conditions for your potential pets’ well-being, then please cease their sale altogether. Demonstrate that you are an advocate and champion of all animals.


[Your Name]

photo credit: William Warby

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  1. Not only is this useless but its shameful considering the fact that innocent living beings are being used as ornaments??. End this, please.


  3. ginger neimo says:

    For me having any animal,or living thing just existing without the joy of freedom, are better of dead.

    Very very cruel.

  4. “Living” conditions for these & other fish are far worse at outlets like Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart also sells crickets but places them in an elevated location so their demise is assured.

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