Expose Mistreatment of Monkeys by Lab Staff

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Target: Asif Ghazanfar, Princeton University Professor

Goal: Expose reckless mistreatment of monkeys at Princeton University and prevent it from ever happening again

Professor Asif Ghazanfar, a professor in the psychology department of Princeton University, has been conducting experiments to determine how marmoset monkeys coordinate their vocalizations. The marmoset monkeys in Professor Asif Ghazanfar’s laboratory have no choice but to participate in these experiments. It was discovered that the monkeys used in these experiments have been carelessly mistreated by certain members of the lab staff. In one instance of mistreatment, at least one of the monkeys was placed in a ferret exercise ball and rolled through the hallway solely for the amusement of reckless staff members. It is unclear exactly how many monkeys were abused in this activity.

Marmoset monkeys are incredibly sensitive and fragile animals. They are easily distressed during handling and when subjected to reckless behavior such as this, the monkeys understandably become frightened and feel discomfort, and could have possibly sustained injuries. These monkeys are already forced to participate in experiments and should have been treated more diligently. According to PETA, a national animal rights organization, much of the work being done in these experiments could have been done in a sanctuary instead of a laboratory, allowing these animals as much comfort as possible. Although he did not directly partake in the mistreatment of the monkeys, Professor Asif Ghazanfar is still at fault. As the professor overseeing and conducting  these experiments, he should have been more watchful of his lab staff. Professor Asif Ghazanfar had also failed to report this incident to the proper oversight committee at the university.

No animal should be treated in such a reckless manner as this, especially if it is forced to participate in experiments. Rolling monkeys through the hallways is an example of the carelessness of the lab staff. Sign this petition to expose this incident of mistreatment and prevent it from ever occurring again.


Dear Professor Asif Ghazanfar,

As the professor overseeing these experiments, I would have expected you to be more watchful of your lab staff and the activities that take place in your laboratory. I was appalled when I learned of the incident of a marmoset monkey being rolled through the hallways of your laboratory. The reckless behavior of your lab staff is shocking, as well as your failure to prevent this incident from happening.

As you may know, marmoset monkeys are especially sensitive and fragile animals. Being rolled around in a ferret exercise ball would have certainly caused the monkeys to feel discomfort and become frightened. During this incident, it is entirely possible that the monkeys could have sustained injuries.

Animals forced to participate in experiments they do not choose to should be treated with more care and vigilance. After this incident, I would hope that you end the experiments immediately since you have not proven that you can properly oversee all activities in your laboratory and ensure the safety of the animals involved.


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Photo credit: Miguelrangeljr via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Leslie Wilson says:

    Would these immature lab staff members do this to their own young children??? Of course they would NOT. Why, then do they enjoy doing it to terrified, defenseless lab animals. These are the type of personalities of the prison “guards” who tortured prisoners at Abu Graib Prison! They deserve the worst in their lives and I hope they get the strongest sentences of punishment if they are forced to go before a judge. At the very least…they should all be extremely ASHAMED of themselves!

  2. Rita Grahn says:

    You call yourself scientists? You act more like immature badly behaved children. What do these “experiments” prove? How can experiments on marmoset monkeys benefit humans? Why don’t you rather experiment on humans? Our prisons are full of humans (perhaps I should call them sub-humans) who are ideal for experimentation – which results WILL benefit the rest of humanity.

  3. Linda Wilson says:

    Where has empathy gone? So many people these days seem to have an absence of it and scientists should know better.
    The world seems to be full of bullying people what’s happening to our species?

  4. Victoria Cole says:

    Disgusting and more here on the cruelty http://www.all-creatures.org/saen/nj/res-fr-nj-pu-2011-anonymous.html debate about medics against animal experimentation http://www.hansruesch.net/articoli/1000_Docs_4.htm and please send e-mail to Air France http://blog.peta.org.uk/2013/04/stop-air-france-from-shipping-monkeys-to-their-deaths/#action asking them to please stop transporting them

  5. Animals are abused in laboratories just by their being in laboratories. The psychopathic vivisectors say this is “necessary”, despite the fact that the hundreds of stressors from just being in the laboratory corrupt the data and make it even more worthless than it already is. To actively abuse the animals after all this is even more criminal from a moral point of view, to say nothing about the effect it is to further corrupt the data. The fact that vivisectors permit this to take place….and I’m sure it is rampant in all animal laboratories….shows how little regard they themselves have for their unscientific methodology.

  6. Cecily Colloby. says:

    Murry Cohen, how right you are. These animals shouldn’t even be in laboratories in the first place and the fact that these morons tortured them is no surprise. That is why we still have vivisection- to satisfy the sadistic lusts of those who carry it out and for no other reason. Vivisection is totally evil and so are those who indulge in it…

  7. WHY are THEY STILL doing these awful things to these smart, wonderful animals!!! It is NOT necessary , haven’t they heard of a COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS for me is an outrage, and I honestly want it stopped today, not tomorrow!!!

  8. Linda Peterson says:

    Stop using these innocent victim for testing in labs, there should be NO animals in labs. There are other alternatives than using live animals. Leave the animals alone.

  9. Use serial killers, human traffickers, child molesters, and murderers for cruel lab experiments. Do not use innocent, sweet, helpless animals!!! That is barbaric. Anyone who exploits animals should go to jail!!

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