Don’t Let Cops Get Away with Murdering Dog


Target: Mayor Kip C. Walby of St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Goal: Criminally charge police officers who shot and killed a woman’s dog for “barking excessively”

In the early morning hours of November 22, 2013, three Michigan policemen shot and killed a woman’s dog in response to noise complaints from local neighbors. Though the woman’s grandfather was in the process of herding the rowdy dog back into the house, police officers began shooting anyways, eventually hauling the severely wounded canine away in an animal control truck. The veterinary autopsy showed more bullet holes in the dead dog than were fired at the scene, suggesting the officers savagely executed the woman’s pet once it was finally captured.

These barbaric and excessive measures violate both the Animal Welfare Act and the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unlawful searches and seizures. Removing a noisy but harmless animal from a citizen’s premises is illegal in and of itself, but shooting it fifteen times unflinchingly is simply heartless. Not only have these policemen not been charged; they have been returned to active duty for our “protection.” Disciplinary action took place within the precinct, with one officer being suspended for a month, another given mandatory counseling, and the other receiving a “letter of discipline” in his file, according to news publication Huffington Post. This form of discipline is not justice; it is an insult to the justice system and to American civil rights.

Police officers are not above the law, and serious matters involving the death of a living creature warrant more than suspensions and slaps on the wrist. Urge Michigan’s city council to file charges of animal cruelty against the officers responsible for this despicable incident. Stop allowing public servants to break the law and escape its repercussions.


Dear Mayor Walby,

The November 2013 execution of a woman’s pet dog by St. Clair Shores police officers has not been forgotten. Shooting this poor creature fifteen times in response to noise complaints is both excessive and heartless. Though the dog’s owner is demanding compensation for her tragic loss, no amount of money can overshadow the terrible crime committed by these men. In addition to being fined, the police officers should be charged with animal cruelty and tried before a judge.

Recordings from the policemen’s dashboard cameras indicate that the murder of this innocent animal was premeditated and unprovoked. Prior to the shooting, one officer can be heard saying, “The only thing I’m gonna do is shoot it, anyway. I do not like dogs.” The recordings further demonstrate an unwillingness to humanely restrain the rowdy canine, with suggestions ranging from using a shovel to kill the dog to choking it unconscious.

Entrusting such intolerant and violence-prone individuals with the public’s safety is extremely hazardous. Not only were civil rights violated, but a helpless animal died needlessly because of the shortcuts taken by those in charge. More troubling than this incident is the fact that the officers responsible have not been sentenced, charged, or stripped of their positions. All three received slaps on the wrists and have been returned to active duty.

Please, stop allowing our public servants to break the law and escape its consequences. Police officers are not above the law and should not receive special treatment by their colleagues. For this reason, I urge you to charge the men responsible with animal cruelty and judge them for their hideous crimes.


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Photo credit: Kim Hansen via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Bonnie Mixon says:

    Cops are the bullies we grew up with in school..with a little more power..Some should not be in this field of work.

  2. Cecily Colloby. says:

    So one of the heroic cops said he didn’t like dogs so he was going to shoot it anyway…I am fast beginning to hate the dog-shooting trigger-happy American cops so can we have a few more of THEM shot,please?

  3. Some of the cops unfortunately are sick people 🙁 they have a gun and they want to kill . This is not right they kill poor dogs and get away with it 🙁

  4. jaclyn bisanz says:

    This is horrible. Police need to learn how to deal with both domestic & wild animals. Just shooting them isn’t the answer. It’s just cruel & truly uneducated.

  5. This is becoming a frequent occurrence all around the world…the uniformed forces employed to protect the public are enacting their own laws of force…corruption and violence…if an example is not made of these wicked men other officers will not see where they were punished for an actual crime of unnecessary murder…they are supposed to make an assessment of any siutation…what would have happened if a child was outside and it was their pet….no instant dismissal – no appeal – no second chance – they forfeited that right when they had premedited taking the life of a being without investigating the circumstances…and it should have been the animal protection society in charge of any activity of this type….the neighbours could have been lying or just nasty people…to execute in such an horrific way i’d have been after badges and massive compensation for trauma and slaughter and illegal entry and kidnap and murder.. if it was my dog…tranquilisers are quite adequate whilst a situation is being assessed….these officers are cruel heartless pyschos hiding behind a uniform or worse using the uniform of protection to get access to situations where they can abuse defenceless and weaker beings…they are unreliable and could never be trusted out on patrol again having proved that they are totally incapable of assessing a situation correctly….the public certainly dont need evil scum like this on their streets,,,

  6. Ellis Toscano says:

    The absolute last person I would call to help with a canine problem is a police officer. It is as if they have collectively lost their way. I can only wonder sadly what the future is. Maybe we need to arm ourselves against police when it comes to protecting our pets?

  7. Marina nemchinova says:

    And these are the people that vowed to protect and serve us? What else would they do next? Rape? Run a child over with their car? Shoot a human being?

  8. Ellen Gaston says:

    The cops have gotten more corrupt in recent years. They are turning into the thugs they are supposed to protect us from. Is there any segment of society left that actually has ethics and a moral compass anymore? We are devolving at an alarming rate.

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