Stop Alleged Abuse of Working Animals in Ancient Tourist City

Target: Mohammed Nawafleh, Chief Commissioner of the Petra Development Tourism Region Authority

 Goal: Demand that the Petra Development Tourism Region Authority provide humane treatment and medical care for the donkeys, horses, and camels working in the ancient city of Petra, Jordan.

Donkeys, horses, and camels have allegedly been abused and neglected while working at the ancient city of Petra. The animals are reportedly tied with chains and ropes and denied water in intense heat. Jordanian and international groups claim that much has already been done to improve working conditions, but PETA believes there is more to be done. Demand humane treatment for these poor animals.

Petra is a popular tourist destination that offers donkey, horse, and camel rides. The animals are reportedly forced to carry tourists up steep eroded stairs in extreme heat and sunlight and pull carts without access to water. PETA claims that horses, camels, and donkeys are beaten and tied with ropes and chains. The animals suffered deep wounds from the alleged cruelty and some even showed signs of neurological disorders.

PETA is working with local animal rights organizations to stop this alleged abuse. Sign below and demand that the Petra Development Tourism Region Authority move to protect these animals and terminate the use of any animal owner who is found guilty of animal cruelty.


Dear Chief Commissioner Nawafleh,

Horses, donkeys, and camels have allegedly suffered abuse in the ancient city of Petra. The animals are reportedly forced to carry tourists up steep and eroded stairs in extreme heat without shade or water. We demand humane treatment for these innocent animals.

A recent investigation, conducted by PETA, showed that many of the working animals in Petra were forced to endure abuse and neglect at the hands of their owners. Animals suffer deep wounds and neurological conditions as a result of alleged beatings. Ropes and chains are reportedly tied around their bodies and they are denied food and necessary medical care. Though Jordanian groups claim that working conditions have been improved, PETA believes that there is still more to be done before these animals are safe and healthy.

We demand that you take action to protect these animals and punish those who participate in animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: PETA

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  1. I will sign and sign and sign again for this cause. Why the HELL are these ignorant humans allowed to mistreat these animals. This makes me so mad and so sick. These devils are trash for using and abusing innocent animals. If they can’t treat them with love and respect them remove them from this HELL. These devils only deserve to die, beating them and not feeding them or giving them water is abuse beyond believe. Lets all go over there and beat these bastards to death.

  2. This is shocking. There is no excuse for abuse and cruelty to animals. It is not the work of a man, more of a brainless monster. These poor creatures are forced to toil without rest in dreadful conditions injured, hungry and ill. Chief Commissioner Nawafleh, I beg you, in the name of humanity, take action over this and punish those abusers. You are not a third world country are you?

  3. I do not care how poor people are,there is no need to use cruelty to animals,these poor beasts have no say in what they have to do,and these so called humans should show gratitude not abuse,treat the animals with love and respect.Again it shows how disgusting humans are.

  4. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Outdated and cruel…stop it!


  6. this should be banned those poor animals what torture they go through these sick disgusting excuses for humans do this to them and the ones that are tourists and ride them ought to ashamed they’re just as bad as the people that force these poor animals to do it horrible third world countries some should drop a bomb on them

  7. These poor animals are mercilessly beaten if they can’t give rides to tourists. DO NOT VISIT PETRA, the lost city. They care nothing for their animals!! Jordan be ashamed, the world has seen your animal cruelty.

  8. “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” These abused animals need to be protected from the greed of man and mankind.

  9. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Tourists are as much to blame as the owners of these animals.

    I have enough common sense to see if an animal is being mistreated, or is suffering heat exhaustion, most especially a large animal such as a horse who needs to drink gallons of water each day.

    This outdated ‘attraction’ for tourists should be banned, it’s just another example of humans exploiting defenceless animals to profit from them.

    And the owners should be made aware that mammals are sentient beings who need proper care.

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