Demand Justice for Murdered Pet Turtle


Target: Emmet L. Cosgrove, New London Administrative Judge

Goal: Ensure turtle murderer is served the maximum penalty

Animals are too often involved in domestic disputes, suffering serious injuries or death. A pet turtle in Connecticut was taken from its home, into the backyard and shot in the head, dying instantly. The turtle’s alleged killer, Steven Richard, ended the turtle’s life because he and his girlfriend had a fight. Retribution killing is never okay, even when the victim is an animal. Richard should be punished to the fullest possible extent for his crime, to serve as a lesson for retributive animal murderers.

Richard failed to explain to police officers why he shot his girlfriend’s turtle. The turtle was shot with a BB gun, point blank in its head. Turtles have life expectancy similar to humans, many living much longer than humans- upwards of 150 years, depending on the species. Though the species of the deceased turtle was not determined, it was a younger turtle with a long life ahead of it.

The trial will soon be held; urge the court to penalize Richard to the fullest extent. The turtle deserves justice.


Dear Mr. Cosgrove,

A man will soon appear for trial within the New London Superior Court in New London, Connecticut. His name is Steven Richard and he is being charged with animal abuse. Richard murdered his girlfriend’s pet turtle over a domestic dispute. Richard took the pet turtle out into the backyard of it residence and shot it in the head with a BB gun, killing the reptile instantly. This behavior is a red flag, signaling that Richard is dangerous around other animals and possibly humans.

I urge you, Mr. Cosgrove, to pass this petition on to the judge assigned to Richard’s trial. Please ensure that everyone on the case understands that Richard is an unpredictable man, resorting to violence against a defenseless animal when put under stress. At this moment, Richard is not a healthy addition to society. I urge you to push for the fullest punishment possible for Richard; use his case as a testament to the repercussions and moral standpoint of animal abuse.

Thank y0u for your time; please pass this petition on to the rightful party.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Carnopod via Wikimedia

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  1. Emily March says:

    What a cowardly and mean thing to do! Let the man have his head examined real fast…

  2. Rita Grahn says:

    A pity he didn’t rather use the gun on himself – it would have saved taxpayer’s money on having a trial, and rid the world of another sub-human.

  3. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This man is a bully and a coward. Shooting something as helpless as a turtle because he had a tanrtrum shows the mans mentallity as pathetic. He should be arrested and charged with animal cruelty and given the maximum sentence. he should have the same done to him as he did to the poor turtle. An eye for an eye.

  4. Corinne Müller says:

    We had analogical cases here in Switzerland. A bastard has misstreated and at last shot cats of his girl-friend.
    He was charged but not really severely. Here in Switzerland people are not as critical, outspoken and brave as in USA, they are scared to express their opinion and unwilling to help others.
    Besides, the law is shamefully mild. They send all criminals to psychiatrical clinics and they have woderful time there, until they are released and could commit creimes once again.
    I think that the girl- friend should be blamed as well. Could not she predict the situation? Why some women like their men more than their defenseless pets and forgive them their insanity.

  5. I do hope this scum is put away for as long as possible. But this kind of abuse if not all that untypical, and often ends in the shooting of the woman too. This is one of the many reasons we need some sane gun control laws, and keep them out of the hands of domestic abusers (and a few other kinds of creeps and nut cases).

  6. Cheryl Young says:

    If he isn’t punished in some way next time it will be her.

    • Nancy Correa says:

      Yes, but she has a choice to leave, the turtle did not. If he has shown violent behavior before, why is she still with him? Why did she bring a defenceless creature into it?

  7. Nancy Correa says:

    He will be at the New London Superior Court on August 4th. She should be charged as well if he was abusive before and she did nothing about it.

  8. Cecily Colloby. says:

    Simply shoot HIM in the head and be done with..

  9. jaclyn bisanz says:

    That poor turtle & his poor owner. It’s a true shame they had to lose their pet.

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