Woman Accused of Suffocating Cat and Dog in Garbage Bag Must be Punished

Target: Hon. Joseph V. Cardone, District Attorney for Orleans County, New York

Goal: Demand that the woman who allegedly suffocated her cat and dog in a garbage bag receive the maximum penalty by law.

A dog and cat died when they allegedly suffocated inside of a sealed garbage bag. The suspect reportedly killed her animals intentionally because she believed they were infested with bird mites. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Albion police arrested 63-year-old Suzanne Fredenberg after she allegedly killed her cat and dog instead of seeking veterinary care for their potential illness. Per investigators, Fredenberg placed the animals in a garbage bag and tied the bag shut because she believed the animals had bird mites. The cat and dog died due to a lack of oxygen inside of the bag, police stated. Fredenberg then reportedly buried the animals in her backyard.

Police charged Fredenberg with two felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty. She faces up to four years in prison. Sign below and demand that Fredenberg receives the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Cardone,

A dog and cat were allegedly killed in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspect reportedly placed the animals in a sealed garbage bag and let them suffocate. We demand justice for these poor animals.

Albion police charged Suzanne Fredenberg with two felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty after she allegedly killed her cat and dog. Per investigators, the animals died of suffocation after Fredenberg placed them inside of a sealed garbage bag. She believed that the cat and dog had a deadly case of bird mites, police stated, and she chose to kill them rather than take them to a veterinarian. The animals’ bodies were reportedly found buried in Fredenberg’s backyard. She faces up to four years in prison, if convicted.

This horrific cruelty must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: joy1722

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  1. Now.. lets stuff her in a bag and suffocate her for, oh lets say, stupidity! I cannot believe someone would be so cruel to two innocent little fur babies and do something so awful! Shame on you and I hope they charge you to the fullest extent! Stuff you in a bag and throw you in jail! God this makes me so mad and makes me sick to my stomach! What is wrong with people????? They are the animals, not our little fur babies!God Rest their little souls.

    • Deborah Barlow says:

      She is obviously disturbed. She has lost all her friends, family and aquiantences. She lives in her own little world. We want her jailed, but not killed by anyone. God is the final judge. When she meets her maker, wjhat will she tell him?

  2. Rose Coffey says:

    Ignorant idiot! Let her sit in jail for 3 or 4 years. Maybe that will put some sense into her (even if it needs to be KNOCKED into her there)!!!!

  3. The woman is brainless. NO animal owner can deny not knowing about free charities, that are accessible to all. I hope she gets her medicine in jail.

    • Punish her to the fullest extent for killing two innocent animals. The law needs to protect animals and give harsh penalties to animal abusers. Ban her for life from owning animals. Stupid ignorant moron treating these animals like garbage, hope karma catches up with her…

  4. Rosalba Conti says:

    In the trash bag, put us who killed these beautiful animals – close the bag well because the “human” being who has accomplished this gesture must die.

  5. This woman ☠️??? needs to be Killed by Civilians! Then fried in H?LL she needs to Feel Pain n Torture and FEAR.Our weak Laws USA is why she did this !!!! Out of control vote out Idiots that make Lame Rules on animal welfare and Care and Punishment !!!! 226,000 fine in LUXEMBOURG would occur hear n Jail

    • Karma’s abitch says:

      I absolutely agree!! The cruelty laws here in the states are a joke!! Animals are merely property of the owner. No matter how bad the incident of cruelty is , they rarely ge jail time, maybe a small fine and slap on the wrist! It’s discusting!! Makes you want a super hero vigilante to serve justice.. and ofcourse the idiot trump is certainly no friend to anything other than money and who wants to do away with public information on dept. of agriculture for those who violate and charged. Look at his discusting sons who just kill for the sale of killing! They’re a disgraceful bunch of leeches… but sadly the ignorant are so enamored with his “tough guy, jeuvenille rhetoric” they’ll back him on anything and everything… no matter what!!
      It’s good to know there are some countries out there that take animal cruelty seriously with a stiff fine and jail!

  6. Denise Devereux says:

    We all know the Law will do nothing and don’t take animal activists seriously.
    Until this changes we must take the law into our own hands to stop future serial killers in training. We all know monsters like this start with abuse, torture and murder of animals and then move on to humans. Children first as like animals they cannot fight back. Check out research on both male and female serial killers. See how they started out.

    Find the bitch, tie her up and throw her in the ocean. Will make Great Shark Bait.

    • Karma’s abitch says:

      What’s even worse is that they will label you a terrorist if you fight back!
      Discusting subhumans!

    • Leila Lappin says:

      I agree, I hope someone just hits this un-human old POS on the head and ends her useless life. Anyone lacking any empathy to do such a thing is not human!

  7. Sadistic, devil’s cunt
    The damn hell is supposed to get this fucking whore.
    A bullhook must be used for this piece of shit and all animal torrents. Over and over again in the mug hit to the end.

  8. Dawn DelPrince says:

    I pray this woman gets the mental help that she needs and that they don’t allow her to have any more pets. In the name of our merciful Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, amen!

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope the bitchass cunt rots in hell❗️?
    Signed & shared. ?

  10. Leila Lappin says:

    Can someone please suffocate this un-human piece of shit!

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