Ban Cruel and Dangerous Rodeo Practice


Target: Scott Jenkins, Chair, Utah Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Standing

Goal: Support a ban on violent horse tripping and roping in Utah.

Horse tripping, or the process of catching a horse’s legs in a rope in order to throw them to the ground, may soon become illegal in Utah. One politician has proposed a measure to ban the practice, which will be heard by the state’s Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Standing. If successful, tripping, as well as roping, a popular rodeo event in which two mounted men lasso a horse’s neck and legs in order to bring it down, will become a misdemeanor offense.

Both tripping and roping can be extremely frightening to animals, particularly in a rodeo setting with a roaring crowd and a time limit. The force with which the animals are brought to the ground can cause severe injuries such as fractures to the legs and neck of the animals. Sometimes, animals become paralyzed due to spinal injuries or have their tracheas severed, resulting in death. So far, 13 states have banned horse roping and tripping for entertainment purposes.

While opponents of the measure say that it will place an undue burden on rodeos, and could even cause their closure, similar measures in other states have caused no such problems. Though the cruel practice of roping and tripping is illegal in states like Texas, Kansas, and Arizona, their rodeo traditions continue.

The tripping and roping of horses is a cruel and outdated practice and should not be used as a form of entertainment any longer. If the measure is successful, thousands of animals each year will be spared the pain and fear of this spectacle. Sign the petition below to show your support for a ban on horse roping and tripping.


Dear Mr. Scott Jenkins,

Utah is currently considering a ban on horse roping and tripping, the cruel act of lassoing an animal’s legs and neck in order to throw them to the ground. This cruel and outdated practice can cause broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and severed tracheas, sometimes resulting in death.

So far, 13 other states have successfully banned roping and tripping without threatening the longevity of traditional rodeos. In consideration for the welfare of thousands of animals involved in this spectacle annually, this outdated practice should be banned immediately. We, the undersigned, ask that you pass a ban on the roping and tripping of horses.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    So it may cause an “undue burden” on rodeos!! Who the hell cares about that??I’d say a broken neck or leg might just be an undue burden on the horse-victim of this cruelty…..

    • I hate rodeos! They are cruel, hurtful to animals. Just because they have been around forever doesn’t make them right. Animals are not put on the face of the earth for so called humans entertainment….shame on you!

  2. Ravinder Singh says:

    I hope it should be other way round. Horses kicking in their assess.

  3. Charlsie Lyon says:

    I think that anyone who can enjoy seeing an animal in psin has a sick mind. If a man must do such a thing to feel Macho then why not get a man with similar sickness and battle it out with an ax to entertain an adoring audience?
    Why ia a beautiful state like Utah so backward?

    • charlsie lyon says:

      The same horse goes into the ring time after time until it can no longer walk or crawl out there. The first time the horse runs out looking beautiful like music, head up and tail flying. Next time you can see he is terrified. Finally it is just resigned knowing what will happen. Rope or chains thrown around it’s feet, falling sometimes their neck under their body. Seeing behind the scenes you see feet that look like large stumps, can’t see those who had to be destroyed because their belly split or muscles too damaged. And the crowd roars with laughter and applause. I saw a horse with his leg broken and flopping like a wet towel. Saw a mare trying to walk back to the stall, a colt beside her and she was so broken and damaged she couldn’t hold her head up or keep her legs straight. Imagine the pain we couldn’t see. And this is entertainment? But she might just get to go out there again. God sees the fall of a sparrow, God help those who promote this ugly practice by attending the “show.” or refusing to make it illegal in our state.

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