Shut Down Cruel Sheep Rides


Target: Mayor Joy Sherwin of Burbank, Ohio

Goal: Stop teaching children how to violently mount and ride terrified sheep as a form of competition

A school in Burbank, Ohio offers young children “mutton busting” lessons, or instruction on how to ride sheep. The naturally sensitive and easily frightened sheep are chased by frenzied kids, who tug at the sheep’s ears, fur, and tails in an attempt to mount the petrified animals and remain saddled as long as possible. As a result of this sport, sheep sustain bruises and rashes from the aggressive encounters, which serve as nothing but cheap entertainment.

The lessons and “knowledge” offered by this mutton busting school are fueled by nothing but ignorance. According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the school educates students using fun facts like “sheep cannot feel pain.” Not only do these poor animals suffer, they are being subject to humiliation that does not satisfy any real needs, only sadistic amusement. Animal welfare group PETA describes the harsh incident in detail, saying, “Terrified, the sheep desperately try to escape the children, whom they view as predators, but their tails and ears are yanked at and their halters are violently tugged, chafing and bruising their flesh.”

This overt exploitation is anything but painless. As the children strive to outdo one another amidst a cheering crowd of parents and teachers, two very startling things become evident: Innocent creatures are being happily mistreated, and the next generation of children is systematically being desensitized to this horrific abuse.

Sign the petition below to spare these sheep from further agony and embarrassment, and help end the vicious cycle of animal abuse and human ignorance.


Dear Mayor Sherwin,

A school in Creek Bend Ranch, Burbank is offering cruel “mutton busting” lessons to young children. This activity involves the violent mounting and riding of frantic sheep, often leading to anxiety and physical injuries in these helpless animals. Mutton busting is not a necessity; it is a senseless competition held for trivial amusement.

Teachers at the mutton busting school provide students with false information, telling them that “sheep cannot feel pain.” As enthusiastic children chase and forcibly climb onto the sheep, grasping ears, tails, and fur in both hands while digging their heels into the sheep’s bodies, it becomes quite clear that these animals can feel pain. The rough handling often results in bruised, chafed, and extremely traumatized sheep. All the while, the torment is applauded by competing children, clueless instructors, and misguided parents.

This cycle of ignorance must stop immediately. Events like mutton busting desensitize children to animal abuse and overshadow the impact that animals have on our daily lives. As we subject our sources of food, clothing, and companionship to inhumane and humiliating acts such as this, we unknowingly shape the next generation into heartless, intolerant beings. Please put an end to sheep riding schools in your state and prioritize animal welfare over mere entertainment.


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Photo credit: Emergency Brake from Your mom’s house via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. T Bruning says:

    What absolute, stupid idiots. IDIOTS IDIOTS IDIOTS! What a worry that these idiots teachers are responsible for “educating” children.

  2. Debra Diana says:

    There are no words. Whoever came up with this totally insane idea should be put in a cage no bigger than they are and tormented day and night. Karma is a bitch.

  3. Michaele Kustudic says:

    The ‘educators’ who are responsible for this reprehensible event, and for encouraging impressionable kids to mistreat senstient animals and to think that sheep “feel no pain”, should have their teaching qualifications permanently revoked. What the H*** is wrong with the parents who encourage this travesty? They should be forced to undergo a program of learning about non-human animals, how to respect these creatures and to teach their kids to do the same.

  4. Trianda ernhie says:

    Use your brain idiot! Do you think its a horse? The sheep is not bigger then you, how could you do this?

  5. Becky Cross says:

    This foul species is forever contriving yet more cruel and sick ways to mistreat animals. I wish I could wipe the lot of them out.

  6. Sue Watson says:

    If ever the time was ripe for teaching children about respecting ALL beings, it is now. Children learn from their elders. Why teach children that it is acceptable to use and abuse animals for entertainment. I dread to think what the world will be like for any animal in a few years time as, the way things are going, more children are being ‘brain washed’ into thinking (?) that animals are here on Earth for the use and amusement of humans. Any good hearted person KNOWS that we share this planet with animals, we do not have the right to abuse them.

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