Reprimand Attempt to Profit Off Shelter Dog’s Misfortune


Target: Woman who tried to sell shelter dog on Craigslist an hour after she got it

Goal: Chastise woman for allegedly buying a shelter dog simply in order to sell her online

A Hawaiian woman tried to sell a dog on Craigslist after she adopted it from the Hawaiian Humane Society. The dog, named Sally Mae, is a Jack Russell Terrier that the woman had adopted one hour previous from the shelter. The ad’s text said the reason for selling the dog was that  ““my boyfriend & I is [sic] too caught up with work since we have 2 jobs each and she needs a family that’ll give her that attention. Please.” The ad listed Sally Mae as a five year old Jack Russell, when she was really ten, and asked for a $200 “rehoming fee” for the dog.

The Hawaiian Humane Society reached out to the woman after seeing the ad, timestamped an hour after the dog had been adopted, to see if she still wanted to keep Sally Mae. They gave her the number to the hotline for people whose new pets are having trouble adjusting since the woman told the humane society she did not believe Sally Mae was adjusting well and it wasn’t going to work out between them. Eventually, however, the woman told the humane society she was going to keep the dog.

There are suspicions the woman intended to flip the dog, but no proof. The woman said she was going to give the dog away instead of return it to the shelter in case it was euthanized. Condemn this woman for trying to make a profit off a shelter dog.


Dear Hawaiian Adopter,

Sally Mae deserves a loving home with a person forever, not someone looking to make a quick buck off of a down on its luck shelter dog. In one hour, you could not have learned so much more about Sally Mae than you did at the shelter that you knew that she could not adjust to your home. Asking for money to “rehome” the dog is also wrong and makes people suspicious of your motives.

What you appear to have tried to do with Sally Mae is morally very shady and reprehensible. The humane society offers many services to help people get their new pets settled in to their lives. Selling a shelter dog on Craigslist is inappropriate.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Johnnytang60 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. micheline dm says:

    Dangerous woman!Bitch,you will lose all what you have!

  2. Emily March says:

    Poor little Jack Russell! I wish he could talk to give his side of the story!…

  3. Put that HEARTLESS, SICK BITCH in prison and throw away the key !!!! This precious little dog is not a piece of merchandise, to be bought and sold for profit. This act of cruelty must have severe consequences or others will do the same. I’m really losing faith in humans ….

  4. Nancy Correa says:

    Why is this petition not targeted to law enforcement or the Humane society in the first place? Why did no one take the dog from her?

  5. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This woman is a bitch. She should be prosecuted for deception. Why didn’t the shelter make extensive enquiries before rehoming this poor dog with the selfish ugly bitch. she is disgusting and imoral as well as being a liar and deciever. Shame on her. Spread her name around as the ugly vile deciever she is.

  6. KatWrangler says:

    Everyone has to earn a living, but the things people do for money makes me sick and scared. And when they get caught, lying is a second nature. Scumbag woman.

    I hope that sweet pup Sally Mae is OK. If Hawaiian Adopter was that concerned about this dog, and she and her supposed boyfriend couldn’t keep her (HAH!) she never should have adopted her in the first place. She wants to “rehome” this dog after only one hour?
    Hey, a-hole – your story is so transparent.
    I repeat: scumbag!

  7. This itch with a “b” is one sick mama. If you are desperate for money, and can’t get it legally and ethically, why not just rob a gas station? Now if she really discovered that her “boyfriend” wouldn’t let her keep the dog right after getting the dog, first I would say she should have discussed it with the guy first, and secondly that maybe she should have kept the dog, sold the “boyfriend”.

  8. caryl sawyer says:

    Why do we not have this woman’s name and address? Much more effective if we did.

  9. Seriously WTF??? Take the dog away from this moron!!!

  10. Marina nemchinova says:

    I understand that animals shelters are thankful to have their pets adopted but shouldn’t they screen the people that adopt them? I remember when I tried to go through independent adoption centers (not the ones run by the state), I had to fill out a boatload of papers to prove my sanity, income and a stable household.

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