Cut Funding to Abusive University Researchers


Target: Dr. Francis S. Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Goal: Revoke funding to Princeton University researchers who are abusing Marmoset monkeys for amusement

Princeton University, one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools in the world, has an extensive history of animal abuse. A whistleblower from the college has notified an animal rights group of the rough handling, neglect, and mockery that Marmoset monkeys are currently facing within laboratory confines. Workers have reportedly been rolling the small monkeys around in clear ferret balls for entertainment, causing undue stress to these animals and wasting taxpayer money.

The whistleblower first alerted PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) of these terrible incidents, supplying concrete evidence of the cruelty taking place. In addition to being paraded around as toys, the Marmosets are frequently mishandled, causing them to bite researchers and even attempt escape. Because of their diminutive size, Marmosets are especially delicate and easily frightened; even the slightest mishandling can cause them stress, anxiety, or injury.

Princeton’s animal abuse dates back to 2011, wherein neglect by researchers caused a pregnant Marmoset to lose her baby and another Marmoset to sustain injury after escaping its cage. PETA notes the university is guilty of “23 violations of federal animal welfare laws…in the last five years,” including restricting drinking water access and denying medical attention to animals in pain. Somehow, Princeton manages to secure steady federal funding year after year.

Not only are these laboratory conditions dangerous for both animals and employees, but they can be completely avoided by studying Marmosets in their native environment. Sign the petition below to demand that government funding be revoked from Princeton’s studies of Marmoset monkeys. True scientific research involves exploration, not exploitation.


Dear Dr. Collins,

The National Institutes of Health has provided over $2.3 million in funding to Princeton University’s research of Marmoset monkeys. Sadly, the university has been cited for 23 violations of animal welfare in the past, and more recently it has been accused of mistreating Marmoset monkeys. The actions taking place inside Princeton laboratories are both abusive and neglectful, and they hardly fall within the realm of “research.”

Reports from PETA indicate that researchers are exploiting animals for their own amusement. One account describes an employee placing a monkey “in a small plastic ferret exercise ball and [rolling] the ball through the corridors of the laboratory.” In addition to the overt acts of mockery, lab employees routinely mishandle the small, fragile creatures. As a result, researchers have been bit and the monkeys have escaped from their cages, where they are in constant danger of hurting themselves or others. This phenomenon is nothing new. In 2011, researcher neglect caused a pregnant Marmoset mother to lose her baby and another Marmoset to sustain injury after escaping from its cage.

Any type of support, financial or otherwise, should not be granted to a facility that operates in such an unprofessional and unsafe manner. For this reason, I urge you to revoke the NIH’s funding to Princeton’s Marmoset monkey studies. Please stop using hard-earned taxpayer money to finance the abuse and humiliation of these innocent animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: PD-AUTHOR. via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Johanna Janssen says:

    I have noticed that the reults of millions of signatures and comments to close down these infamous places have very little results. So one must state that Governments are in fact the enemy of the people. Who in first instance do not care to give the money which is earned by the hard working people to pay the scum in those labs and keep those places of hell going. For me it is clear ,as I said before,that the book on mankind is soon closed !

    • Any so-called “Scientific” research involving animals and children (Cancer research) is the most Hellish Crime Against Human Sanity, our basic Morals, and Nature. All Bloody “scientific” Manipulations and “Experiments” on animals and children in labs manifest the dangerous Psychotic illness of the researchers themselves. No scientific labels can hide the sickly nature of the research of that sort. There is no True Cure can be ever found based on torturing manipulated terrified animals in cages, Isolated from Nature which is the major source for their natural cure. (Human mind is still too retarded to understand nature and its laws. But we so want to “play” with it!! especially when we want to play “scientific” gods..)

      These “scientists” and “researchers” must be punished by the international laws for their bloody and sickly “deeds”.

      They also must explain to their children their nightmarish Crimes against Nature, from which they do not learn the most basic laws – do not capture, touch, torture, kill, manipulate or fix anything that does not belong to you.

      All living creatures including ourselves belong to nature -neither to you nor to your institution.

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