Ban Cruel Practice of Permanent Dog Tethering

Tethered Dog

Target: Dale Graham, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, Canada

Goal: Prohibit the common, neglectful practice of permanently tethering a dog outdoors

Many Canadian residents tether their dogs permanently, and there are currently no laws prohibiting pet owners from doing so. It is the responsibility of the Canadian government to impose restrictions on potentially abusive or neglectful situations involving animals, but they have yet to take action.

Dogs who are tethered outside their homes are not only subjected to a life of solitude, but also frequently suffer from exposure to extreme weather, dehydration or starvation. All dogs deserve to be in a loving home where they can run, play, and receive affection from their owners. It is cruel to deprive a dog of affection and even minimal mental stimulation due to the fact that they are chained or tied up alone for their entire lives. Further, the lack of physical exercise is detrimental to a dog’s health. Tethering a dog is inhumane and causes needless suffering and even death in severely neglectful cases.

Fortunately, changes have been proposed to existing regulations in New Brunswick. The proposed measure would prohibit tethering a dog outside between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., which at the very least, ensures dogs who are tethered during the day can move around freely at night and be protected from extreme heat or cold. Urge the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick to show compassion to dogs and approve the proposed changes.


Dear Hon. Graham,

It is extremely cruel to tether a dog permanently, a common practice throughout Canada. The Canadian government must take action to prohibit such neglectful behavior.

Tethered dogs are cruelly forced to suffer a lifetime of solitude with little to no mental stimulation. They must also endure exposure to extreme weather conditions, dehydration or even starvation. Depriving a dog of affection and the ability to run and play is cruel and unnecessary, and will likely have severe consequences on the poor creature’s health and mental state.

Legislation has been proposed in New Brunswick that would prohibit tethering a dog outside between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. This humane measure would require owners to allow their dog to roam freely inside at night, protecting them from extreme weather and providing the opportunity for vital physical exercise and mental stimulation. I urge you to support the compassionate legislation and ensure it is passed into law immediately.


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Photo credit: Ben Nguyen via Flickr

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  1. It cannot be but that these laws were written or held up by men that consider dogs as lifeless property, ornaments for their lawn, or a cheap fix for a house alarm, and not living creatures with feelings and emotions who are just as capable of physical and mental abuse as we humans are. To justify leaving a dog at the end of a restraint throughout it’s life is severely cruel, unreasonable, and an voluntary void of the rational gift in mankind that would lead to do unto others as would be done by. Where there be laws, they should be for what is right, to put a stop to oppressors and praise innocency. Dogs throughout this country and to the ends of the world are daily neglected the freedom they commonly deserve and have a right to according to their nature; that is, to run, to walk, to interact and explore with surrounding nature, even if all they have is a fenced yard; but no confinement to a 10×10 kennel could every be a justifiable place for a living dog of any size to live in. Because these creatures cannot speak for themselves in a language we can comprehend, it gives us no right to do what is generally held up by the laws in many nations and states; there is a pure witness in every heart against these acts- those who cannot hear it cry out against them are why these laws still stand today in many places, and why it is justice never stops the oppressors mouth that freely devours the life of another for their own cause. Who gave mankind the authority to govern an innocent life and victim of oppression at their own ends and to use them against their nature and design of their creation? As for example, under a blind pretence of love for birds, a bird “lover” can legally cage them; which is no less harmful to the birds mental condition as to their physical- for this wicked act is as if the bird had it’s wings cut off from it so that it cannot fly; moreover the man strips the poor creature of their nature, crippling it both mentally and physically. The same is for dogs and other wonderful creatures of this world that were never made to serve the vain lusts of men who take away their life to use them at their own ends and to serve their own cause. For to say the very least, the bird cage restrains a bird from what it was designed to do, only so the hurtful owner to gaze upon it in the name of love- here is nothing other than a winged object to gratify their depravity. This is a very sick crime against both nature and it’s creator; for if they should be rendered to this effect by mankind these creatures would never had wings or legs to begin with- for what use are your legs if they cannot do what they were intended to do, or your wings when they cannot fly? Do you ever wonder why it is that dogs tend to become aggressive when kept restrained against nature? It is that they come to see mankind as enemies, not friends. Shame on the human race that only looks to its own ends like the wild beasts that perish; for which of the creatures of this dark world cannot condemn its rationality that is suppressed relentlessly under oppression, making an endless void of undefiled reason that should govern the world?

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