Save Threatened Mountain Lion Population

Target: Jerry Brown, Governor of California

Goal: Save California mountain lion population from extinction.

California’s mountain lion population is severely endangered. Nearly 20 mountain lions have been killed trying to cross busy freeways since 2002, and isolation has led to inbreeding among the species. Additionally, despite a new law forbidding farmers to automatically kill mountain lions on sight, they are still permitted to do so after one or two non-lethal attacks.

We cannot allow this to continue. Mountain lions are vulnerable as it is, despite their reputation as predators. Inbreeding has in turn led to poor health and behavioral problems, resulting in early deaths. And while it is understandable for farmers to want to protect their livestock, this protection should not come at the cost of another animal’s life. These issues may be unrelated to each other, but they both add up to the loss of a species vital to the area.

The California Department of Transportation has proposed a bridge that would aid the crossing of mountain lions to other areas, and petitions have been started to help spearhead this initiative. In addition to supporting the construction of this bridge, we must also demand a ban on the shooting of mountain lions altogether. Sign this petition to prevent this species from dying out completely.


Dear Governor Brown,

Mountain lions are in severe danger of going extinct. The two biggest threats they currently face are the issuing of kill permits to farmers and being hit by vehicles while crossing the freeway. The latter ties into the isolation the species faces, leading to inbreeding, which in turn leads to health problems and early deaths.

You must forbid the shooting of mountain lions altogether, in addition to supporting the bridge proposed by the California Department of Transportation. If we let these animals live, they will be able to leave the area to find more of their kind and replenish their numbers without inbreeding. Support the building of this bridge and ban the shooting of mountain lions now.


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Photo Credit: California Department of Fish and Game

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  1. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    These gorgeous animals deserve a little bit of compassion. They are just going about their lives not bothering anyone when these humans encroach on their land and start shooting them. They are such beautiful animals it is a tragedy that they are being killed by automobiles now too. May God bless them.

  2. Coexistence not extinction



  5. another poor animal on the brink of extinction so of course they have to hunt it and kill it what kind of country is the US turning into kill kill every animal it can lynxs wild horses helped build the US in the first place wolves buffalo and now cougars what next what our they going to do hunt humans next

  6. Domenica Ott says:

    here in Switzerland some people are trying to reintroduce the lynx we exterminated a hundred years ago. it is difficult but possible, because it is still alive in other european countries, albeit endangered.
    this beautiful animal, the mountain lion, will soon be extinct altogether if you don’t protect him, and there will be no way to bring him back again. please do something! we are signing here in Switzerland!

  7. We must learn to coexist with nature, that would truly lead to a better world!

  8. Holly Homayonfar says:

    Thank you Kumar for your comment , but I will take it a step further because not only we must coexist with nature but we must respect it as well.

  9. protects all these wonderful animals

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