Stop the Abuse and Torture of Turkeys


Target: Butterball CEO Kerry Doughty

Goal: Stop the torture of turkeys by a major poultry producer

Turkeys are suffering from abuse and mistreatment at the hands of major poultry company Butterball. After an investigation in 2011 where Butterball employees were charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes, Butterball is at it again. An undercover video obtained by Mercy for Animals, a national animal protection charity, shows Butterball employees gratuitously abusing their turkeys. The turkeys can be seen being thrown into machines while still alive only to be horribly mangled. Sensitive body parts (beaks and toes) are cut off without painkillers, and young turkeys are routinely tossed and dropped with little thought.

Coincidentally, legislation is surfacing that would make it more difficult for groups like Mercy for Animals to document cases like this one. North Carolina voters are supporting Senate Bill 648, which would make video evidence obtained through undercover investigations (like the footage used in this case) inadmissible in court. Instead of hiding behind legislation, something should be done within Butterball to guarantee that animal rights standards are enforced. Therefore, we need to tell Butterball that we demand that they stop their cruel treatment of animals.

By signing this petition below, you will urge Butterball CEO Kerry Doughty to ensure that this type of cruelty does not happen at Butterball again.


Dear Kerry Doughty,

Once again your employees are in the news for their incredibly poor treatment of your animals. Footage has been recovered from an undercover witness via Mercy for Animals of employees in a Butterball factory in North Carolina brutally cutting, kicking, and abusing turkeys.

Coincidentally, legislation like Senate Bill 648 has gained a lot of support in North Carolina. Senate Bill 648 would make evidence obtained by undercover agents (a definition that would include animal rights activists filming abusive activities) inadmissible in court. Instead of trying to hide behind laws, change should be made within the Butterball organization to ensure that this type of crime does not happen again.

I urge you, as the CEO of Butterball, to adjust your company’s policies, employees, or whatever else is necessary to ensure that the humane treatment of animals is present in Butterball factories. Please use all of your influence within Butterball to right their wrongs and to keep Butterball out of the news on animal cruelty charges.


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Photo credit: ‘Hans’ via Pixabay

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  1. For me there will be turkey or anything else with a face. If everyone went vegan there would be no animal abuse. Organic is not much better.

    • Secondo Carli says:

      Si accussì bella ca si faciss nu pireto m’o zucass! Cap ‘e cazzo! Cu ‘nu poc’ e vasellina l’elefant’ o mise n’culo a la gallin’! Cac’t ‘mman ‘e fa comm’agli indian! Ce fatto a’ uallera a’ pizzaiola

  2. Helene Beck Helene Beck says:

    I wrote directly to Butterball’s CEO Kerry Doughty about this matter, and Butterball Consumer Affairs responded:
    “We have received your e-mail addressed to Kerry Doughty and he asked that we respond on his behalf.
    Thank you for contacting Butterball. We are aware of the animal activist video aired by Univision that contains footage from one of our hatcheries. It is important to note that animal care and well-being is central to our operations, and we have a stringent, zero-tolerance policy against any mistreatment.
    Upon learning of and reviewing this footage, we immediately launched an internal investigation and engaged our Animal Care and Well-Being Advisory Council, which confirmed that the footage adheres with established and expert-approved industry standard practices for poult handling, which have been approved by the National Turkey Federation.
    Butterball’s Animal Care and Well-Being Advisory Council includes third party animal care experts Dr. Temple Grandin, Colorado State University; Dr. Jesse Grimes, North Carolina State University; Dr. Michael Martin, North Carolina State University; Dr. Joy Mench, University of California-Davis; and Dr. Yvonne Thaxton, University of Arkansas.
    While experts agree the video does not depict any willful acts of negligence or mistreatment, we do proactively search for continuous improvement opportunities, and will provide additional training and education to hatchery associates on animal care and well-being policies to include proper poult handling, transferring methods and management of facility equipment.
    That said, we recognize that you still may have questions and would encourage you to visit the National Turkey Federation’s website to learn more about the science behind turkey production:
    We truly value your feedback and commit to further enhancement of our ongoing, company-wide animal care and well-being program.
    Butterball Consumer Affairs”

    • Thank you for sharing the response you received. It confirms exactly what I KNEW was going to be the case when this so-called “Animal Wellbeing” Board was formed a few months ago, with a lot of self-congratulatory back-patting. It is mostly comprised of Ag insiders. I read all of Yvonne Thaxton’s blogs. She usually writes about how misguided animal welfare advocates are and riles up her Ag readers against them. The academic “elites” on the fake board are BigAg insiders supplanted to give the illusion of legitimacy. Temple Grandin is only respected by the industry when she agrees with their position; otherwise she is discounted
      Trust me, I know. They are nothing but a fake Board creating an illusion of responsibility and caring. It is a Public Relations Board. It is a deceptive wool-pulling bunch of b.s. Further, their phony Board is not an authority, a judge, the boss or the deciders. They and the lying sacks of shit at Butterball can kiss my ass.

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