Justice for Cattle Starved to Death

Target: Josh Hawley, Attorney General of Missouri

Goal: Ensure man accused of letting his cattle starve to death faces justice.

A Missouri dairy farmer has been charged with animal abuse after many of his cattle were reportedly found starved to death. Farmer Steve McQuiddy’s neighbors had filed several complaints about the starving animals, and court documents show that McQuiddy claimed to have hay coming when ordered to feed his cattle. According to two of his neighbors, McQuiddy ‘wasn’t the type to be on a dairy farm’ and refused to ask for help when managing the farm became too much for him.

There is no excuse for letting animals starve to death. Regardless of McQuiddy’s inclination for managing a dairy farm or the stress of his situation, he has been accused of severe animal abuse and neglect. His cattle reportedly suffered for months on end before they finally began to die in large quantities, ‘six or seven at one time’ according to his neighbors. Additionally, McQuiddy reportedly laughed when told of the complaints, suggesting he never cared about his cattle at all.

The surviving cattle were taken to a local barn sale, where they were sold to other farms. McQuiddy will face up to four years in prison if convicted; while this will not bring back the cattle who died under his alleged lack of care, it will prevent him from doing harm to other animals. Sign this petition to ensure McQuiddy faces justice for his alleged cruelty.


Dear Attorney General Hawley,

Dairy farmer Steve McQuiddy has been accused of animal cruelty after many of his cattle were reportedly found dead. McQuiddy reportedly struggled with the farm’s upkeep, particularly with the care of the animals, and claimed to have hay coming in the day before his neighbors discovered at least six cattle dead. Worse, McQuiddy was said to ‘not be the type’ to manage a dairy farm, giving no reason as to why he took it over from his parents.

This kind of neglect is horrifying and inexcusable. McQuiddy was clearly unfit to run this farm, but allegedly refused help to the point where he let his cattle starve. Regardless of his reasons, he has been charged with a crime, and he must be punished. Please ensure he faces justice for his alleged abuse of innocent cattle.


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Photo Credit: Brian Robert Marshall

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  1. Dear Attorney General Hawley,
    Please ensure that he not only faces justice but that he is banned from ever owning or managing cattle again.


  3. Carol Green says:

    “Up to four years in prison if convicted” doesn’t even come close to what he deserves. It should be four years for every animal that suffered under his uncaring hand.

  4. This subhuman puke needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law,he needs a good long time in the slammer plus a really stiff fine and never to have cattle again,for that matter he must never have the privilege of having any kind of animal in his possession again.

  5. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I bet McQuiddy didn’t go without food for his own stomach. And why were McQuiddy lies believed (“….hay [is] coming….”, while the neighbours’ complaints were dismissed? Did the inspectors not notice the animals getting thinner and dying? Surely THEY are as guilty as McQuiddy?

  6. Sherry Mainquist Sherry Mainquist says:

    McQuiddy….be asured God has a special place for you!!! And your kind!!! You may go unpunished on this earth but in God’s.

  7. When will humans realize that our fellow creatures can feel pain, love and protect their young and need our care if under domestication? And I thought that we were the most evolved. No empathy = no humanity.

  8. The article said several complaints had been made. Why wasn’t action taken by the authorities before the cows died?

  9. Maureen Garney says:

    He needs to starve!

  10. Mary Harrington says:

    The farmer is a no good liar. And he thinks he can get away from being charged with murder. Josh Hawley…don’t let him get away with murder.

  11. Jaime Perez says:

    After several complaints, nothing was done? What is wrong with authorities? These poor cows suffered horribly. This pos farmer should be made to suffer and starved to death. No good bastard!

  12. Why do so many animals have to suffer and die for so long before anything gets done by the stupid animal authorities!! Unbelievable!!! Things better change soon or I am going to war on this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMARTEN UP!!!

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      I beg answers to that question every time this happens… What of the neighbours and passers by? When complaints are lodged nothing gets done until there are deaths or animals are in critical condition….Why make them suffer through this? These so called authorities, are quick to get their pay cheque, so get off your backsides and do your job just as fast!!!

  13. Well i for one know everything you here isnt always the truth i seen alot of people that has been falsly accused of crimes they did not commit and for all who are judging this man only on the bases of what you have heard and as any farmer knows you will always lose a few in that business but i would hate to think i judged a man and throwing gods name around and claiming to be a christian that i was good with god when the day of judgement comes but i think maybe this whole situation with this dairy farmer has been made more of than what really has taken place so all im saying judge not and try destroy a mans character just from here say i do know the facts thank you Mike

    • Margaret Melnick says:

      Christy Cook I hope you don’t own any animals.Seems you think it is ok to let them starve to death. Want to bet you don’t miss a meal. I can bet you a vet verified these animals died of starvation. I have also lived on farm most of my life. Yes you sometimes do lose an animal the same as we sometimes lose a human but STARVATION should not be one of the reasons for losing an animal or human. Oh by the way a Good Christian cares about all Gods creatures. That includes animals. If you KNOW THE FACTS WHY NOT PRESENT THEM. If you can’t afford to feed an animal give ti to the surrounding farmers who can feed it don’t LET IT STARVE.

  14. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Absolutely horrible❗️?
    Signed & shared ?

  15. Starve that fucker to death.

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