Praise Arrest of Man Who Killed Four Horses


Target: Blue Earth County Sheriff, Brad Peterson

Goal: Commend the animal cruelty charges for a man who starved his four horses

A Minnesota man accused of allowing two fouls and two horses to starve to death in 2013 has finally been charged with four violations of animal cruelty. The dead horses were uncovered on Russell Peters’ property in March. Officers were sent to the property after neighbors complained about the unpleasant smell coming from his home. Now Peters is due in court for his offenses.

According to Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the Blue Earth County District Court released Peters’ criminal complaint files which said that Peters tried to deny that he starved the animals by saying that they stopped eating on their own after a trip back from the veterinarian. Those claims turned out to be false after he was unable to give the sheriffs the name of the veterinarian he spoke of. The complaint also included that after the neighbors called about the smell from his property, the deputies found the two fouls dead on the floor with no food or water in sight. The deputies also found two other horses dead in another barn on Peters’ property.

After being caught by authorities, Peters allegedly complained to the officers about his financial problems and his poor health. Often times, animals are put into the care of people who do not have the capabilities to take care of them. Animal abuse and neglect is a serious issue that is occurring every day all around the world. These animals do not deserve to be in the possession of careless and cruel owners.

Please sign this petition to commend the arrest and sentencing of Russell Peters’ who allowed his pet animals to die.


Dear Sheriff Brad Peterson,

As soon as Russell Peters’ neighbors complained of a filthy odor coming from his residence, two Blue Earth county sheriffs came to investigate the scene. What your team found was cruel and unusual. This man left four animals to die in their barns with no food or water. One sheriff even observed that there was a hole bitten on the door indicating that the horse attempted to escape to find food.

Recognizing the signs of animal cruelty is never easy to spot. Thankfully, Peters’ neighbors were quick to report the first signs that they saw. Thank you arresting him and indicting him with animal cruelty charges.Sincerely,

[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Boliyou via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. There is NO EXCUSE for what this man did. If he was no longer able to properly care for the horses then he could have contacted any number of resources to help out or remove the horses and place them elsewhere. No living creature (human or animal) should be starved to death. I only wish the same fate on this evil, selfish man !!!!

  2. Just take the son of a bitch out in the woods and chop his head off.

  3. Cecily Colloby. says:

    Strange,isn’t it, how people who starve their animals never seem to be too hard up to feed themselves??? Starve this bastard to death and save the taxpayer the expense of keeping him…..

  4. renee ragno says:

    HIS PUNISHMENT?! should be to be starved to death slowly but surely with a hot steak and pitcher of water just beyond his reach. The only other acceptable alternative is medical experiments for him.

    Now lets see who has the character and courage to pass what is a fair and just punishment.

    Its time to stop this evil, depraved behavior by people on innocent, helpless, defenseless animals.

  5. It is horrible that nothing was done before these poor horses died a horrible and painful death. At least now the slime ball that did this can go to jail, get fined, banned from owning or having any animal . This kind of abuse must be stopped and to make examples of those that do this is a great way to stop the insanity!

  6. Sue Moline says:

    Sadly the horses were in a barn and no one knew of their plight before it was too late. Such cruelty needs to be punished.

  7. Emily March says:

    How come he didn’t ask for help anyway? It was all it took… Poor helpless horses!

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