Ban Rodeos that Promote Animal Cruelty


Target: Christopher Pyne, Leader of the House of Australian Parliament

Goal: Ban rodeos that promote the cruel treatment of animals for entertainment

Rodeos promote the cruel treatment of innocent animals for human entertainment. Such events as bareback and saddle bronc riding, bull riding, and calf/steer roping are possible only as a result of prodding, poking, and agitating animals in order to create so called “wild” behavior, which rodeo participants are meant to conquer. The cruel treatment of animals for sport is an antiquated practice that has been banned in the UK, parts of Europe and parts of the United States; however, rodeos are still legal in all Australian states. The tradition of tying up and then slamming calves on the ground or jabbing and then synching ropes around horses and bulls to make them buck is cruel and needs to be stopped.

All animal protection organizations condemn rodeos for their inhumane treatment of livestock and horses. Animals that are physically provoked in order to display aggressive or “wild” behavior are not being treated with respect and deserve a better life. Many developed nations have already done away with these horrific displays of human barbarianism, but Australia has yet to follow suit. For a country that is forward thinking and considerably responsible in its actions to protect wildlife and the environment, Australia’s cruel treatment of domesticated animals is a grave contradiction.

Bulls and cows have been bred to be docile creatures, so the behavior they display in rodeos can only be a result of the electric prodding and restricting flank straps that are pulled tightly around their essential organs. Calves that are roped suffer internal hemorrhaging, broken legs, and torn ligaments. Bucking broncos are aggravated with synched flank straps and spurs while mounted by a rider. All these practices are barbaric forms of treatment in the name of entertainment. Stop the cruelty these loving creatures suffer and tell Australia to put an end to its rodeo tradition.


Dear Honorable Chris Pyne,

Animals used in rodeos suffer considerable injuries in the name of putting on a “good show.” The practices used in rodeos to aggravate animals into behaving aggressively are disturbing and inhumane. Australia continues to allow rodeos in all of its states despite these practices clearly contradicting the philosophy behind the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals.

Rodeos unnecessarily injure docile creatures such as cows and horses that are under the care of humans. Electric prodding, slamming calves on the ground, and using tightened straps to induce pain and discomfort in order for animals to react frantically is cruel and these practices must be stopped.

While the primary responsibility of securing animal welfare is in the hands of state and territorial governments, the national government is responsible, along with state and territorial branches, for participating in “the development of animal welfare strategies across local, regional, and state levels.” With this in mind, it is within the jurisdiction of the federal government to enact legislation that prevents the cruel treatment of animals at rodeos. The government also has the authority to create legislation and codes of practice in order to revise and develop acceptable animal welfare outcomes. Thus, I am calling upon you as the Leader of the House to take this issue to Parliament and enact change. End Australia’s rodeo tradition.


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Photo Credit: Skarabeusz via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Animals were not put on this planet for human entertainment. Rodeos (just like circuses) are cruel and unnecessary. These days there are so many activities that people can become involved in for entertainment purposes ~ all of them without animal participants. While this petition is directed towards Australia’s parliament, it really should be directed towards the entire world.

  2. Michaele Kustudic says:

    ALL ‘events’ that cause pain, abuse and fear to sentient creatures for the ‘entertainment’ of humans should be banned outright, in my opinion.

  3. Emily March says:

    Far-West days have come and gone. How about slightly less ‘macho’ entertainment ?…

  4. Marina Nemchinova says:

    Exploiting innocent animals for the so-called “entertainment” is outdated, inhumane and utterly repulsive. Rodeos can still exist but why don’t they just use human volunteers to ensnare, ride and rope instead? Oh, and to get that “wild behavior” they could simply prod or electrocute them. If that’s inhumane, then I don’t see a reason why the animals should suffer for the sake of someone’s stupidity.

  5. renee ragno says:

    Any event or behavior that causes harm to an innocent, helpless, defenseless animals should be made illegal with stiff fines. The first being that the organizer and those who participate be treated as they did that animal.

    if they’re so gung ho on such behavior or event, let them volunteer.

    God people are the blight on the world.

  6. renee ragno says:

    I do not support rodeos, circuses, etc. due to this. If no one did there’d be no market or need for it.

  7. Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

    Wow Australia – what a country!!!~! Your lack of compassion for gentle creatures is just incredible! Makes me wonder what type of hillbillies are breeding in your country. Rodeos – Really??????? Terrified animals tortured and hurt for entertainment?????? Jeez you are pathetic and small minded, let alone barbaric frigging savages just out the bush!!!

  8. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    This animal abuse has to be STOPPED!!! This is very cruel and demonic behaviour from evil humans.

  9. ALL rodeos promote animal cruelty. Some of these petitions are unbelievable.

  10. Alice Cheang says:

    Really cruel and uncalled for. Why cant these nincompoops just leave innocent docile animals be. Is this what they deserve for being harmless and submissive? HAVE A HEART PLEASE! It applies to innocent pitbulls that are being trained and turned into aggressive fighting dogs leading to them being judged, penalized and killed thereafter for being defensive and attack humans whenever they feel threatened. All because of the evildoing of humans.

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