Prohibit Tasmanian Government from Buying Cruel Cage Eggs

Battery Hens

Target: Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania

Goal: Persuade Tasmanian government to reinstate policy against buying cruel cage eggs and eliminate caged hen egg farming

Battery hens live a cruel life stuck in cramped cages with little room to move. They often experience sores and wounds due to the stress of their living conditions, and are not given the necessary space needed to live a natural life. The Tasmanian government made great strides when it changed its policy on egg suppliers for government-run programs. Schools, hospitals, and government agencies all used free-range eggs. The government also capped the number of battery hen laying farms and planned to do away with them all together. Sadly, when the power of government changed hands, so did the policy on factory farms and free-range eggs.

Tasmania was leading the way for animal rights, but the change in government took Tasmania back several paces on its path towards fair treatment of animals. The new government says that cutting policies requiring the government to purchase free-range eggs will level the playing field for producers. This really means that factory farmers will be at an advantage and that those farms that ensure a better life for hens and quality eggs for clients will be at a disadvantage.

The world is very slowly making strides to improve the quality of life for animals raised for human consumption. Each step forward is a great success, and we cannot afford to take steps backwards. There is no reason that hens should be raised in cages and forced to live without fresh air and natural sunlight. Forcing animals to live this way and treating them as if they have no feelings or desires of their own is inhumane. Tasmania was headed in the right direction, but their recent policy changes are a change for the worst. Tell the Tasmanian government to end its new policies and require government agencies to purchase only free-range eggs.


Dear Premier Hodgman,

Factory-farmed laying hens live a depressing and stressful life. Being stuck in a cage where it is nearly impossible to move, without fresh air and without natural light, is a life that not even prisoners suffer. Tasmania was previously leading the world in its policies on animal welfare. It was a shining example of what other countries ought to be doing. Sadly, it is no longer a country to which others can look for inspiration.

The recent policy shift which now allows the government to buy factory-farmed eggs is a step in the wrong direction. Tasmania had also begun to cap and phase out the number of battery hen farms with the goal of reducing the number to zero. These were great policies that benefited both the animals and people. Factory farms are detrimental to the environment and human health in addition to being barbaric torture houses for the animals that are enslaved within them.

Reconsider your recent change in policy. Be an inspiration to the world and lead us into the future with policies that do not allow the ravaging of animals. Put an end to government purchases of factory farm eggs and phase out battery hen farms altogether.


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Photo Credit: Owen Work via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Cecily Colloby. says:

    Surely there’s enough room in Tasmaniato let all hens be free range-and even if there isn’t, this is BLOODY CRUELTY!! What is WRONG with the human race???

  2. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This is an obscenity. Battery hens where-ever they are in whatever country is a cruel obscenity and should be banned. Anyone that keeps birds this way is guilty of animals abuse and shouldn’t get away with it. these poor creatures feel fear and pain so how can anyone with an ounce of human kindness and compassion even condier it. And anyone buying eggs from battery hens is just as guilty of animal abuse as the imbecilic morons that keep hens this way. Do not let Tasmania have the hens. Its cruel and obscene. Stop this vile barbaric practice now and everyoine out there that has any feeling for poor animals STOP BUYING THE EGGS OF CAGED BIRDS>

  3. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    This breaks my heart. I have chickens and can say that they are very intelligent and sentient creatures.

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