Dog Found Frozen to Death and Chained Outside Deserves Justice

Target: Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy

Goal: Increase penalties for owners who leave their pets out in the cold.

A dog in Connecticut was found frozen to death in their doghouse on New Year’s Day. Police suspect the animal was chained outside for a month while their owner spent months in jail on drug charges, claiming to have made arrangements for the dog’s care. Instead, the poor dog was found lying in their own fecal matter, which had frozen to their body.

Recently, laws were passed to combat people leaving their animals out in the cold, but these atrocities continue to take place. This innocent dog likely suffered a great deal, starving and freezing as they waited for their owner or somebody to rescue them, only to die a painful and lonely death in the end. And this dog is not the only one; reports of animals left out in the cold still run rampant. Currently, owners who commit this crime are only punished via paying large fines, but the punishment must go further than that.

It is too late to save this poor dog, but not too late to save many others from the same fate. The dog’s owner must face justice for their alleged cruelty, not only fined but put on trial and prosecuted to the full extent of the law; furthermore, punishments must be increased for future cases such as this one. Sign this petition to demand justice for this dog and to increase punishment for neglectful owners.


Dear Governor Malloy,

A dog was found frozen to death after reportedly being left chained outside for a month. The dog’s owner reportedly claimed to have arranged for the dog’s care while in prison for drug charges, but instead the dog was found lying in their own feces, which were frozen to their body. Worse, this is only one instance among many of dogs being left out in the cold this winter.

Currently, your state only requires owners to pay a fine for leaving their animals alone in extreme weather conditions, but that is not enough. The fine should only be the first step, followed by an even stronger punishment such as jail time or community service. Animals deserve better than to die frozen and alone, and while it is too late to save this particular dog, you can still save many others from the same fate. Strengthen your laws so that neglectful and cruel owners will be punished more severely.


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  1. I HEARD

    my neighbors’ dog freeze to death. I could hear Buddy crying like a person right thru my bedroom walls for weeks. Before the last snow storm took him slowely and painfully, I witnessed the owner kick over his dog house. Buddy was in pain as the temperature dropped, making him shiver violently. He tried standing on one foot to help keep his icy feet off of the icier ground. He looked sad, boney and freezing. His eyes never left the warm home of his mean owners, longing for a rescue any minute now. His water was frozen and he could no longer swallow the tiny bit of dry food left for him. He lost weight before winter from too little food that was dry and rarely had water to wash it down. He just couldn’t eat it sometimes. Days before he died,  his cries turned to moans that could penetrate basement walls, unlike I’ve ever heard before. He was in severe pain and finally lost to the bitter, below zero wind chill of a terrible storm. After that, he was tossed in a dumpster, with more animals who died there. I reached out to help ever since his skinny stage, but the sherrif was more interested in the owner, with a prostitution way of life, if you know what I mean. They would never give me a response and never checked on Buddy. All 35 of their animals died horrible deaths in just two years. Please do something to halt the problem of cruel people owning animals and cruel law enforcement endorce,  turning a blind eye. Governor Malloy, please do all you can to help innocent victims of an icy death find real justice.

    • WHY in the name of mercy didn’t you TAKE the dog even if it meant hiding the dog somewhere safe. How could you live hearing a dying animal every day beg for a scrap of pity. These 2 legged BEASTS need to be beaten to the ground CALL THE GOVENOR’S office yourself, way too late now. Caring people MUST take the law into their own hands when the law refuses to protect. What are these suhuman’s names. Send them out so that everyone knows who and what they ARE!!!!!

    • WHY THE FUCK DID YOU NOT INTERVENE MORE AGGRESSIVELY!!!!!!!!!! I see you care but you let this happen as you were witness to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FAILED THIS ANIMAL!!!!! Too many animal cruelty to count that would jump in but if you sit and listen to this animal suffering and dying,….. JESUS CHRIST,….HOW COULD YOU …..NOT CALL ONE OF THE HUNDREDS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY ORGANIZATIONS. I AM FUCKING ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fergal Devitt says:

    Tasha, the gutless wonder. It must have meant more to you to hear poor Buddy suffer and die, then offer a strong intervention. If it had been me, I would have taken the dog into my house and if/when the people said anything, I would tell them this, “Let’s see YOU endure this. Then, you’ll know how Buddy felt. NO, you’re NOT getting this dog back.”

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