Ban Greyhound Racing in Australia


Target: Stephen Parry, Australian Senate President

Goal: Ban greyhound racing in Australia.

A recent report revealed that many greyhound trainers in Australia have been using live bait to train their dogs. Trainers hooked live creatures, such as piglets, rabbits, and possums, into metal harnesses and launched them around a race track at a high velocity, killing most in the process. The few that were not killed by the force of the harness were then mauled by the dogs. Greyhound racing is a terrible sport to begin with, as many of the dogs are abused and starved by their trainers, but this is the last straw. Greyhound racing must be banned in Australia immediately.

Thanks to undercover reporting and private investigators, photos and footage of the live baiting were acquired and used to implicate 70 people in the abuse. One of the videos includes a possum being loaded into a metal harness and launched around the track 56 times. By the time the harness stopped the possum had been split in half and was only hanging on by its broken spinal column. Some of the implicated trainers have been suspended from the sport, and as live baiting has been criminalized in Australia, they face criminal charges, hefty fines, and jail time.

This is a shocking level of animal cruelty, even for an industry that is known for it. The time has come to outright ban greyhound racing in Australia. The report proves that the trainers were willing to break the law by abusing small animals in order to win; who’s to say that they don’t abuse the dogs for the same purpose? These people clearly cannot be trusted with animals and must be stopped from harming any more. Please sign below to demand that this horrible animal cruelty be put to an end and to show your support for those trying to protect these voiceless animals.


Dear Senate President Parry,

A recent report has exposed massive animal cruelty in your country. This report has damning photo and video evidence that shows widespread abuse of animals for profit. Greyhound racing is a terrible sport to begin with, as many of the dogs are abused by their trainers, but this goes beyond anything that has come in the past. I am writing to demand that you introduce legislation to ban all greyhound racing in Australia immediately.

There are laws in place that are meant to protect the animals used in dog racing, but clearly the people who take part in the sport cannot be trusted to follow them. If these trainers, many of the biggest in the industry, are abusing small animals in their training methods, who’s to say that are not also abusing the dogs? Money is clearly so important to these trainers that they need to kill small, defenseless creatures just to win.

I understand that dog racing is a big industry in Australia, but at what cost? Please make the decision that you know is right and take action to protect all of the animals that are harmed by this cruel sport and the cruel people who take part in it.


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Photo Credit: AngMoKio via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Michael Guest says:

    The racing of greyhounds is a cruel sport and it needs to be banned.

  2. Karen Remnant says:

    More animal abuse in the name of entertainment! Time to end this abuse Australia! Welfare before wallets!

  3. Cecily Colloby says:

    Simply unspeakable and unforgivable.These people are capable of ANYTHING-they should not be allowed to even exist.

  4. Ravinder Singh says:

    I hear about bull fighting in Spain,cock fighting in Mexico but those are foolish and backward people. They do not have compassion. I did n,t know that Australians are are have no brains that need greyhound for racing. Bastards.I do not have any words for these filthy people.

  5. Bandes d’ordures !

  6. They do anything for money.

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