Ban All Pet Mills in Iowa

Target: Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa

Goal: Ban puppy and kitten mills all across Iowa.

Puppy and kitten mills are still a booming business in the state of Iowa. Over 250 of these mills are in business, producing over 100,000 animal offspring every year to sell in pet stores–at the expense of the well-being of both the mother animals and the babies alike.

The animals are kept in absolutely deplorable conditions. Mothers are forced to birth litter after litter, as though they were an assembly line for a product rather than a living being bringing other living beings into the world. Most of the babies end up in shelters or worse, euthanized when they are unable to find homes. Innocent animals suffer and die so that these barbaric businesses can make a tidy profit.

The town of Fraser has already banned puppy mills, but a single town is not enough to end the cruelty of pet mills forever. Sign this petition to demand all of Iowa follow Fraser’s lead and shut down all puppy and kitten mills permanently.


Dear Governor Reynolds,

Your state is home to over 250 puppy and kitten mills. These facilities prize profit over all else, forcing animals to live in deplorable conditions and birth litter after litter. The babies are sold in pet stores, but most of them end up in shelters or are euthanized when they are unable to find permanent homes.

These mills are barbaric and should not even exist. They treat living creatures like objects, and mothers like machines on an assembly line who exist to produce more products to sell. These animals suffer horribly, and the mills do not care so long as they make money.

Recently, the town of Fraser banned all puppy and kitten mills, and now the rest of Iowa must follow Fraser’s lead. Put a stop to all pet mills in your state immediately. Demand their shutdown and ensure that all of the animals rescued from them will be safe.


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Photo Credit: PETA

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  1. All puppy & cat mills need to be closed down any place in the country!!! It is shameful the torture these poor animals are forced to endure.
    We rescued a poor skinny Mastiff who had also been abused & her new puppies taken from her. It has been a long road teaching her love & that she will never know hurt or sadness ever again. It is heartbreaking to treat any animal this way. May those evil greedy SOB slobbs endure the cruelity they have inflicted on any animal.

  2. With 6-7 thousand dogs being euthanized daily the puppy mills and backyard breeding MUST STOP! This is an epidemic, shelters are full. This is a no-brainer, ban this activity now.

  3. Agree all above

  4. Iris Owens says:

    I agree with all the other comments. Puppy and Kitten mills should be abolished and made illegal. They are cruel, dirty places. In this country alone thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized every day and yet the authorities don’t do anything to close these puppy and kitten mills down. We need better, stricter laws for animal cruelty and judges who will enforce the laws.

  5. Agree all above. Stop now.

  6. Maureen Garney says:

    I have been hearing about these puppy/cat mills for several years now, when are authorities going to shut these places down and throw these sorry excuses for humans in jail?

  7. Mary Harrington says:

    Kim Reynolds, Do you know what is going on in your state? It doesn’t sound like it to me. You better do something to close these mills that are destroying the lives of living, loving beings. Since you have taken on the job of governor, it is your responsibility to govern the actions that are unfit for these innocent animals.

  8. seen dogs come right off the mills with my own eyes/nose – the sight is horrific, the smell is unimaginable – cannot put into words. These dogs go thru hell – and then we rescue them, clean them up and they forgive us. They are better than us. they deserve more – politicians, law makers, wake up – stiff penalties, jail time, this must end. It is barbaric, unnecessary and sickening. Public, adopt – don’t shop – stop the demand for puppies please.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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