Don’t Fly Monkeys Across the World to Suffer Abuse


Target: Greg Hunt, Minister for the Environment

Goal: Don’t abuse and risk the health of monkeys for filmmaking purposes.

Film giants Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer have applied for a permit, which would allow them to fly two monkeys from California to Australia. These monkeys would be forced to perform in two films, before being flown to New Zealand to act in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Australia will likely approve the permit, since keeping monkeys as pets there is not illegal. While filming, monkeys will be kept in small enclosures and trained and restrained with leashes.

Organizations such as the Humane Society International are trying to stop this from happening, as they explain the monkeys’ health would greatly decline if forced to travel such great distances. In addition, when monkeys are used in films, it makes it easier for people who trade animals illegally to find work. It is also unnatural for monkeys to be used in this manner, as they should be left alone to thrive in the wild. Furthermore, granting such a permit would be irresponsible, since we are now able to technologically create images of monkeys that look very real with the help of computers.

Sign the petition below and demand this permit request be denied. If Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer are unable to figure out how to use technology for filmmaking purposes, maybe it’s high-time they get out of the industry.


Dear Mr. Hunt,

As you know, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer have applied for a permit which would allow two monkeys to be flown to your country for the purpose of acting in films. On March 9, 2015 those monkeys would be flown to New Zealand for the same reason. While on set, monkeys would be kept in cages. Trainers would also stringently control the monkeys’ by tightening and releasing their leashes.

Major organizations such as the Humane Society International strongly recommend the permit be denied, because traveling for that long of a distance would make the monkeys very sick. In addition, when monkeys are seen acting in films, people who illegally sell animals are often times provided with more work, making such operations difficult to shut down. Thirdly, monkeys are wild animals, and are not capable of deciding whether or not they would like to pursue a career in acting. Therefore, monkeys belong in their natural environments. Most importantly, since the film industry is able to easily replicate animal images through computer technology, allowing this permit to be granted would be irresponsible and absolutely absurd.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to stand behind this issue and to deny Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer’s permit request. These companies should be setting an example, not participating in the inhumane exploitation of animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Frans de Waal via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This is a disgusting disgrace boycott these films just how cruel and inhumane are you people, Animal abuse, supporting slavery what next?

  2. caryl sawyer says:

    Damn! Love Captain Jack Sparrow. Too bad that now I will be forced to boycott the new movie.

    Disney is where our venom should be directed.

  3. there are enough monkeys in Pirates of the Caribbean, the humanoïd kind. Who needs anything else?…

  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    I’m so sick to see this beautiful animals loss their freedom for our “entertainment”. This is animal cruelty. No animal should be slaved for the benefit of our selfish especies.

    • Animals are not on this wonderful earth for human “entertainment”. If these so-called humans want entertainment why not doing it themselves????? It is horrendous and utmost cruel!!!!

  5. Karen Remnant says:

    Films like this only promote the idea that such animals make great pets! Film makers need to show some moral conscious and act responsibly. Hit them where it hurts – their bank balance! Boycott the film. Use a boycott as an educational tool, teaching our children about animal abuse.

  6. With all the money and all the technologies available these days do not permit this !!! This is INSANE

  7. Hollywood has a long, bad history of abusing animals. I do not support “entertainment” that harms animals. the more I see and hear of “popular culture” the less I like it.

  8. I LOATHE Disney. They have ALWAYS exploited and abused animals, going way back when they brought in & deliberately herded lemmings off a cliff, hence creating THAT old myth.

    When I learned that on Disney’s “The Curse of the Black Pearl,” fish and other animals were killed in underwater explosions THEY set, I wouldn’t watch any more “Pirates” movies, much as I love Johnny Depp. In fact, MOST movies where live animals are exploitively used, heinous abuse happens, and the AHA (American Humane Association) who’s supposed to be monitoring animal use for movies, is THE most useless and corrupt agency there could be – not at ALL the “watchdogs” people hope and pray they are.

    Read the eyeopening expose, “Animals Were Harmed,” and never be fooled by Hollywood again. It’s really not safe for any of the animals.

  9. Nedda Hill says:

    Stop using and abusing Monkeys in films.

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