Punish Wool Factory Workers Who Tortured Innocent Sheep


Target: Barnaby Joyce, Australian Agriculture Minister

Goal: File criminal charges against factory workers caught brutally beating sheep in undercover footage

Animal welfare group PETA has released video footage of several workers mercilessly beating and mutilating sheep at wool factories in Australia. With a long history of gruesome sheep abuse, Australia remains the wool industry’s top exporter. Despite clear evidence of animal rights violations authorities have not initiated any investigations in response to the video, and no criminal charges have been filed.

The footage clearly shows factory workers who “violently punched [sheep] in the face and jabbed them in the head with sharp metal clippers and even a hammer.” PETA further clarifies, “These attacks often left the petrified sheep bleeding from their eyes, noses, and mouth.” Workers also sheared sheep using a process known as “mulesing,” slicing both flesh and wool off the animal’s backs supposedly as a precautionary measure. The sheep were fully conscious throughout and were denied pain medication during the stitching process.

Sadly, this horrific treatment is typical in the wool industry. Factory employees and officials alike have gradually–and perhaps, unconsciously–begun to deem it acceptable though it is anything but. In response to the video a wool company advocate expressed, “Australian wool growers genuinely care for health and welfare of their animals so such alleged behavior is very concerning.”

Not only is Australia’s track record of sheep abuse reprehensible and very real, but it is quite evident that these specific factory workers cared nothing for the well-being of the delicate creatures in their care. This sort of behavior will only continue if the workers responsible consistently escape punishment. By prosecuting them to the full extent of the law other factories and companies may take notice and rethink their brutal practices. Demand that legal action be taken against the employees caught brutalizing the very animals that clothe them.


Dear Mr. Joyce,

An undercover exposé conducted by PETA revealed gruesome animal abuse taking place in Australia’s wool factories. In the video footage workers are seen punching sheep and slamming their bodies into the ground. Metal tools are then plunged into the animals’ heads as they slowly hemorrhage blood. Perhaps the most shocking news is that these workers have not been charged with animal abuse.

We often take an animal’s welfare for granted because it cannot verbally communicate its feelings. Nevertheless, sheep are much like humans in that they feel fear, stress and especially pain in very much the same way we do. Therefore it is imperative that we treat them humanely despite their lack of voice or difference in species. We depend on animals for many things, including companionship. It is unjust and disgusting to treat the very animals that clothe us with such disdain and brutality.

In light of these horrific events, I urge you to charge the workers depicted in this footage with animal abuse. If no action is taken you are sending a clear message that such violence is acceptable, guaranteeing it will continue.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: tom via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. What exactly is the requirement for this type of job? Being a sociopath ???!!!! People who commit these types of atrocities should be locked up, away from society. There is no amount of $$$ that anyone could pay me to do what these monsters do for a living !!!!!!!

  2. Christine Coddington says:

    We need to identify those cruel individuals who abuse and torture animals and they should NOT be able to work with animals or children in any capacity!!! They’re sadistic sociopaths and will torture and torment anyone who is helpless and who can’t speak out against them!! They’re a curse to society as a whole and should really be locked up for good!!!!

    • I very much agree with you all. The abuse of any animal should be punished and hard. Just like a man who abuses his wife or kids instead of letting the human animal out .they should be put in a cage a never net out. ONLY TO put them in the ground. This has to STOP. AND THE MANAGEMENT NEEDS TO DO IT. Or maybe they are just like his workers EVIL!!

  3. SamOuthorn says:

    Is this supposed to be happening in Australia or some hellhole in China?… For shame!

  4. Cecily Colloby. says:

    These bastards should have exactly the same done to them .As you so rightly say, Holli Smithson, they would run a mile if confronted by someone who could fight back. Without exception, ALL bullies are cowards and immediately start snivelling if someone stands up to them.

  5. Michaele Kustudic says:

    I abhor all kinds of cruelty to any sentient being. We exploit domesticated animals like sheep, for our own benefit, often with no attention at all paid to their needs or their suffering. Australia is notorious for its abuse of sheep, e.g. ‘Mulesing’, in which chunks of flesh are cut off their hind quarters with no thought of the pain the animals suffer. I hereby pledge that I will buy NO WOOL or WOOL PRODUCTS, from Australia or from any other country, until I hear that these sociopathic abusers have been charged and severely punished, and that there is legislation in place in Australia to prevent this type of cruelty from happening again. We the consumers have the power – if we refuse to buy the products of such cruelty, the cruelty will have to be stopped

  6. This is one of the most heartbreaking exposes I have seen in a while. I want every one of those knuckledragging pieces of smoldering shit, along with the owners, managers and disinterested on-lookers to all go to prison for a long time. Or better yet, die in a house fire. That is some sick, twisted shit. They need to pay. If I were a dictator I would execute the effing low-lives for this sadistic.

  7. Despite clear evidence of animal rights violations authorities have not initiated any investigations in response to the video, and no criminal charges have been filed. WHAT WILL IT TAKE !!!!

  8. Wool industry workers as well as sheep breeders believe sheep are stupid, dumb animals.
    Who are the stupid, dumb animals… the creatures doing what creation has deigned for them or the thinking, decision-making creatures that need to abuse and kill an animal that has nothing to do with the persons problems, wrong decisions, and self created frustrations?

  9. Rachelle Latour says:

    Christ almighty! What has mankind become? Why? Butchering for food is….. But this!

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