Stop Shooting Pigeons for Sport


Target: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Goal: Ban the barbaric shooting of live pigeons

Pigeon shoots are a brutal form of entertainment where participants gather and trap live pigeons in urban areas and release them into a field to shoot. These animals are killed while they are in the air, or worse, they die a slow and agonizing death on the ground. The Senate Judiciary Committee has created a bill that will not only illegalize the targeted shooting of dogs and cats, but also of live pigeons. The bill has been passed, but the National Rifle Association is fighting against consideration of this bill on the Senate floor. Stop this cruel and vile act of killing pigeons for entertainment.

The largest pigeon shoot in the United States took place in Hegins, Pennsylvania, where thousands of trapped pigeons were released throughout the day for adults to shoot. Those that weren’t immediately killed from the rifles plummeted to the ground injured. Boys were sent into the fields to twist the necks of pigeons that were still alive, fostering their indifference for the birds’ suffering. This event had gone unchallenged until the 1930′s when anti-cruelty laws allowed police officers to crack down on such massive events. However, pigeon shoots still exist in Pennsylvania: they merely take place away from the prying eyes of police officers.

Today pigeon shoots exist without a license, a hunting season, a bag limit, and the birds are not killed for consumption. This is a cruel sport that needs to be made illegal. The National Rifle Association believes it has the right to continue with this barbaric event, despite the ethical and moral implications. Tell the United States Senate to ensure this bill hits the floor for consideration, and ensure that this agonizing sport does not continue.


Dear Senator Reid,

As you may well be aware, a bill in the Senate is up for consideration regarding pigeon shoots. If this bill is passed, it will illegalize the targeted shooting of live pigeons for sport. This practice of gathering live pigeons and killing them in fields is a barbaric sport, one that deadens empathy. These animals are killed, maimed, and tortured for the entertainment of humans–how can we condone this kind of behavior?

The National Rifle Association is using its massive lobbying powers to stop this bill from being considered. As a empathetic human being, I am writing to ask that you ensure this bill is not only considered, but passed. We know that animals can feel pain, and this event is a sport, it is in no way considered hunting. Please stop the unnecessary suffering and pass this bill.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Christine Matthews via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Stan Benton says:

    I saw live pigeon shoots when we fought them in Pennsylvania decades ago. Really disgusting! It’s hard to believe that scumbags are still trying to do that. The NRA is really one sick bunch of cretins, and shouldn’t be allowed in any civilized country at all.

  2. Pat Mims says:

    This is another example of the inhumanity of the NRA and it’t disgusting membership. They need to be stopped!!!

  3. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Forgive my ignorance – but WHO exactly runs the USA? The elected government or the National Rifle Association? The elected government? Oh – I thought it was the crazies in the NRA – because they ALWAYS get THEIR way, rough-shodding over the elected government. And the government ALWAYS backs down to them, like they are gods. I can only conclude that the elected USA government comprises cowards. So much for “the Home of the Brave”.

  4. Emily March says:

    With pigeons like anything else : if there is overpopulation please try contraceptives (and yes, it really works!). – As to the shooting : there is always ‘clay’…

  5. Marko M Vegano says:

    Cowards shoot innocent and defenseless creatures. My God, that’s cowardice. Send them to Iraq. If they need to shoot something at least let it be a terrorist; someone that has a gun too. But I doubt these NRA cowards could man up to that. Cowards indeed.

  6. Madeline Loder says:

    This is sickening!

  7. Sylvia Browning says:

    Please let pigeons live in peace. I hate this worldwide hatred and abuse! These are gentle, intelligent birds, who have been maligned since 2000. I am sick of this. Pigeons saved thousands of human lives in both World Wars by carrying vital messages on their legs, under enemy fire. Many won the Dickin Medal for valour, and Cher Ami and G I Joe were famous pigeons of war. Pigeons helped make the D Day landings possible. Today they assist in sea rescue and in vital communication work.

    What gives humans the right to abuse our forgotten heroes of war? Is this how we reward our heroes? Stop this cruel and obscene killing, please.

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