Stop Christian Singer from Performing at SeaWorld

Target: Steven Curtis Chapman, Singer

Goal: Don’t perform at SeaWorld to increase park attendance.

Over the past few years, attendance at SeaWorld has plummeted due to increased awareness about the horrors that happen behind the scenes. In an attempt to increase attendance, SeaWorld is hosting a Christian music festival.

Many singers have canceled their performances with SeaWorld due to the amusement park’s notorious reputation. These singers include Martina McBride, Willie Nelson, and Trace Adkins. Unfortunately, Steven Curtis Chapman still plans on performing at the festival. It is time to stop supporting a company that not only steals animals from their natural homes, but also forces them to do tricks in front of large, loud crowds.

Sign this petition and urge Steven Curtis Chapman to cancel his plans with SeaWorld. No animal should be exploited just for profit.


Dear Mr. Chapman,

Despite SeaWorld’s notorious reputation of exploitation and abuse, you still plan on performing at its upcoming Christian music festival. The public has become more aware of the cruelty behind the scenes at SeaWorld, which has led to a decrease in attendance, and this festival is an attempt to raise attendance.

The animals trapped at SeaWorld live in misery. They are kept in small, concrete tanks where their only option is to swim in endless circles. Many of these animals are taken from the ocean and away from their families in order to perform tricks in front of large, loud crowds.

Please consider canceling your performance at SeaWorld. These majestic creatures deserve to live freely in the ocean, not in small tanks to be exploited for profit.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Yathin S Krishnappa

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  1. Everyone should refuse to do anything for this place until all animals are free from this prison!

  2. It’s all about money.

  3. What is the purpose in breaking a glorious beings spirit? Humans were never given the right to torture animals in any way, shape or form. The only reason most humans think that they are better or more important than the other beings who share THEIR world with us is because of arrogance and man made religions. Unbelievably stupid! Humans would be better off if we would just learn a thing or two from these beautiful souls that we seem to enjoy crushing.

    • Karan Capon-Richards says:

      Please don’t do it – read the comments on here , people want you to respect animals- you gave enough money, leave the animals be

  4. I am sorry that you, as a christian, are intending to go ahead and perform at Seaworld knowing of their record of abuse and guilt over the deaths of so many beautiful creatures. They were no t put on earth for man to abuse for profit. I am saddened that a christian would stoop so low. You realise seaworld is only staging a ‘Christian’ event as their support is diminishing as more people are realising that cruelty is not for them. Perhaps you do not think this way?

  5. Patricia Dumais says:

    Christians should not advocate animal cruelty!

  6. Denise Baudin says:

    Steven Curtis Chapman: If you’re looking for publicity in your “singing career!!!” u got it –

    You call yourself a Christian and you encourage bloody GREEDY and HEARTLESS “businesses” like SeaWorld to continue to keep wild life confined in tiny metal pools. You, STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN, Christian!!!, encourage bloody Seaworld to force wildlife to perform tricks for DUMB TOURISTS.

    People at large – Cancel your attendance to Seaworld to watch this “singer” promote the abuse of helpless wildlife to fatten-up his bank account.

  7. Jesus (may his name be blessed) would definitely NOT have gone to SeaWorld, or indulged in any such atrocities which inflict suffering and misery on innocent creatures.

    Jesus would have been on the side of the animals!

  8. Guess money is more important to Chapman than the suffering of God’s creation.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

  10. For everyone who wants Sea World shut down you need to do some research. Sea World rescues and saves thousands of injured and orphaned marine mammals and releases them to the wild when they are healthy. I think that’s pretty important work and I would hate to see it go by the way-side. Yes they do have captive animals, but those captive animals are also making people who would otherwise know nothing about them, become interested. If you learn about animals you are more likely to want to protect them. The animals are in good enclosures, are well fed and well taken care of. So let’s think twice about wanting to shut down a facility that does a lot of good work.

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