Place Stronger Limits on Ivory Importation


Target: Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Place stronger mandates on ivory importation in wake of significant price increase

Elephant tusks have historically been one of the most sought after goods, especially in places like China in Thailand. However, elephants are now near extinction because of their gorgeous ivory tusks. Elephants are often brutally murdered for their tusks. If they are not killed right away, they are left to live a traumatized life with a severe impairment.

There have been measures to right this wrong. Restrictions on their poaching in many countries have been imposed. Unfortunately, however, according to an article in Phys Org, ivory prices have tripled in 2014 in China. Researchers have issued statistics claiming that prices have gone up from 550 euros in 2010 to 1,540 euros in 2014.

This increase could mean that more people would shy away from ivory because of the high price tag. Sadly, the opposite is occurring. More than 33,000 elephants were killed in the two-year period between 2010 and 2012. This number will only go up as a result of prices tripling, as elephant tusks are even more in demand.

Although most of the elephants alive today hail from places in Africa, China is where the million-dollar industry is based. The ivory trade is also a way for organized crime gangs and rebel militia groups to make money for their illegal operations.

Not only is the continued demand for ivory horribly inhumane, but also perpetuates multiple other illegal actions. Help us demand that the President of China place stronger mandates on ivory importation, and push other alternatives to ivory tusks as the new trend.


Dear President Jinping,

Although the sale of ivory tusks is extremely lucrative, it is unacceptable to let the brutal murder of endangered elephants continue. If you ever want China to be taken seriously as a world power, you must stop perpetuating the trade. Environmental stewardship is extremely popular right now in fully developed nations, and several have taken measures to ensure endangered species do not become extinct.

Another consideration is how the ivory business encourages organized crime and rebel militia gangs. The ivory business often funds their operations. Their illegal activity could potentially be threatening to your government, or the citizens of China over which you preside.

We strongly encourage you to devise humane alternatives to ivory trade to sustain your economy.


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Photo credit: Nicolas M. Perrault via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Stan Benton says:

    Certainly ivory should be as illegal as any drugs. The drug trade mainly hurts those stupid enough to use the drugs, while we can all see easily what the ivory trade is doing to the elephants, and also in some cases to law enforcement attempting to stop the poachers. Possession of any ivory trinket should be a felony in any civilized nation.

  2. Rita Grahn says:

    甚至谁买这个丑陋肮脏的垃圾,垃圾象牙制成的? (Who even buys this ugly filthy rubbish junk made of ivory?)

  3. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This is a vile trade and as such the punishment should fit the crime. The sentences for the imbecilic morons that are involved in any way with this obscenity should be so harsh they would be too terrified to ever even contemplate such a heinous act.

  4. Eileen goodman says:

    This practice truly is evil. I would love to rid the world of poachers, and those who trade, and buy, and leave the earth to the animals. It would be a far better place. Humans continue to wreak destruction, ruin, and pain.

  5. Bev Stayart says:

    If we could calculate the pain and suffering inflicted by these poachers, it would be beyond human comprehension. Poaching leaves elephant babies to fend for themselves. Some babies are killed by poachers simply as revenge for trying to stop the killing and mutilation of the adult elephants for their ivory tusks. The poachers who destroy these beautiful elephants are among the worst criminals on earth. We must stop them before elephants face certain extinction in our lifetime.

  6. rebecca h says:

    These people who continue to abuse and murder elephants should be locked up and let to rott. Shame on you all. Protect the elephants!!

  7. Patricia Dumais says:

    Ivory should be banned — period.

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