Success: Government Steps up to Bring Back Bison


Target: Interior Secretary, Sally Jewell

Goal: Applaud the American government’s efforts to return the American Bison to its natural habitats

Driven practically to extinction by settlers by the year 1902, the American Bison have made a comeback from 25 to 210,000 both in the wild and in private lands. In order to aid the American Bison in their transition from national parks to the wild, the American government has formed a plan with landowners across the country to adapt the land to better suit the American Bison’s needs since these animals are beneficial to the surrounding animals and plant life. At six feet tall and weighing in at more than 2,000 pounds, American Bison have an enormous impact on their environment.

To Native American tribes, bison have long held a cultural significance, so their input will be integral to the Interior Department’s goals for the American Bison as well as the private owners of land. So far, lands for the American Bison have been found suitable in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, and South Dakota.

Concerns have arisen though throughout the country due to ranchers worrying that the bison will infect their cattle with the disease brucellosis, especially in Yellowstone National Park with the largest population of American Bison. However, the American Bison at the park in Yosemite are a part of a key genetic line that were able to survive when they were on the brink of extinction. Luckily, the Interior Department has collaborated with biologists to prevent American Bison calves from contracting the disease. The American Bison is soon set to roam free about the country.

There have been many ForceChange petitions calling for a change in policy to protect bison in the United States, and these voices have been heard. Please show your appreciation for the concern that the American government has demonstrated thus far by creating a country in which the American Bison can once again thrive.


Dear Interior Secretary, Sally Jewell,

Thank you so much for your dedication to the American Bison not only for striving to return them to the wild, but also for carefully considering the consequences that the American Bison can have on the rest of the country. From disease prevention with cattle to consulting Native American tribes with regard to land use, your efforts to provide a safe environment for the American Bison are greatly appreciated.

The American Bison are such a help from enabling plants to grow to supporting prairies and wolves. They are largely important to shaping America’s landscape. Thanks once again for ensuring a smooth transition to the wild for the American Bison, animals that were once close to disappearing from the country entirely.


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Photo Credit: Judith Kohler via National Wildlife Federation

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  1. Linda Allan says:

    This is not completely accurate. Wildlife officials continue to haze buffalo that follow traditional migratory paths out of Yellowstone. They haze on horseback,ATVs and by helicopters. They run the bison for miles. Many calves are injured and/or separated from their mothers in this cruel process. Other bison are rounded up and taken for experimental treatment that will supposedly prevent them from spreading a disease to cattle. This treatment is unnecessary as there are no confirmed cases of this disease being transmitted to cattle. It is just an irrational fear of the ranchers that don’t want to share the land with the bison. Many bison die in this process. Sally Jewell and the Department of Interior have much more work to do to insure the viability and survival of the wild buffalo.

  2. Emily March says:

    “The Buffalo will return”. It was predicted, so it may yet happen…- Considering they owned the plains and more for many centuries before any ‘settlers’ arrived: it’s their home too, isn’t it? They “destroy fences” they say. If that’s all : get rid of the fences then!!!…

  3. caryl sawyer says:

    Jewell is actually doing something for conservation? Wow. But then, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  4. I have not seen one shred of evidence that the Government is doing anything at all to bring back bison, protect wolves or other animals. Instead the government butchers millions of animals yearly (the Wildlife “Services” program of the Department of Agriculture), has delisted wolves in a misguided effort to feed the profits of ranchers and the hunting industry, and as this petition floats, is trying to open up gas and oil drilling on buffalo habitat near Yellowstone/so ranchers and butchers. Thank Jewell for what? Instead withdraw this petition.

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